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Hi! I'm starting this thread for people who are starting the RN program at COC for Fall 2012. I'm so excited i was chosen and can't wait for the orientation and to finally begin the program.... Read More

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    WooHoo! Started Pharm today and it was Fantastic! Looking forward to Skills Lab tomorrow!

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    Wow I can't believe my last test is tomorrow! It feels like the beginning of the semester was years ago, but yet went by like a blink of an eye! My professor was the greatest ever, and my classmates and carpool buddies were awesome. Couldn't have asked for a better first semester! Thank you Lord!
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    I can't believe how fast that semester went by. It felt like we were constantly taking midterms or finals. Just an FYI to the next incoming class the classes run one after the other so the first semester is broken into two 8 week sections with two classes (pharm & theory) in each. In addition, the first 8 weeks you will also have skills lab and the second 8 weeks will be clinical. Congrats to the 58 of us who made it throught to second semester and good luck to the next 60
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    So we have a month till 4th semester starts!! Whoop whoop can't wait! We're almost there everyone!

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