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Hi! I'm starting this thread for people who are starting the RN program at COC for Fall 2012. I'm so excited i was chosen and can't wait for the orientation and to finally begin the program.... Read More

  1. by   CoCStudentNurse
    Hey everyone! Congratulations on starting your nursing education! I graduated June 2011 from the program so I have walked in your shoes. Good luck and get ready for a busy two years.
  2. by   H&Mmama
    Thank you Cocstudentnurse! Is there anything you reccommend to help us pass? Is it the information that is hard to comprehend or is it the amount of material that is needed, the harder part?
  3. by   CoCStudentNurse
    Quote from H&Mmama
    Thank you Cocstudentnurse! Is there anything you reccommend to help us pass? Is it the information that is hard to comprehend or is it the amount of material that is needed, the harder part?
    For me, it was the amount of material. You not only have a lot of classroom lecture material but there is a lot of clinical paperwork to keep up with as well that requires research. I found some classes easier than others. Stay ahead of the work if you can. Whatever you do, do NOT get behind, it's almost impossible to keep up once you do because of the amount of material.

    Do invest in a weekly planner. Every Sunday, I would sit down and figure out how many hours per day that I had available to study and I would look at the reading/work list and split the work between the days. This worked really well for me and I was able to stay a week ahead of schedule most times.

    In clinicals, take advantage of every single learning opportunity you can. If you aren't allowed to perform the skill yet, take the opportunity to watch and ask questions. This not only is a great learning opportunity for you, but also scores major points with your precepting nurses. I also recommend that when you pick your patients for clinical, try to choose ones that coincide with what you are learning in lecture. This is not always possible, but helps a heck of a lot with remembering lecture information. Be prepared for clinicals. Make sure you know everything you can about your patients before you show up on the floor. We usually went to the hospital the day before to pick our patients and do research on them to be prepared for our day. I'm not sure if they still do things that way or not.

    Take advantage of the skills lab hours. The staff there are excellent and they are all registered nurses and are there to help you out. Sometimes they will watch you do a skill and give you tips to help you pass your practicums as well. Running through the skills with the nurses there helped me be less nervous when it came to practicum exam day.

    Sorry this was so long. Let me know if there are any other questions along the way.
  4. by   H&Mmama
    Thank you for the info. It is very much appreciated!
  5. by   WorkingStudent2011
    Hi @mbragasin! Today is 8/20 and I just got your message. Sorry. I just downloaded the schedules from Blackboard. I believe we do start next week, the 27th. Maybe the other class is starting on the 23rd? I haven't ordered the recommended books yet and need to do so now. Please keep us posted with any news. Thanks!
  6. by   mbragasin
    Hi! I went yesterday to get my badge and I also went to the nursing department to see if they can explain the schedule better for me because I am so confused! Lol but they said to email our instructor so I plan to do that today. Have you gone on blackboard? We have so much to do! Lol
  7. by   37 and counting
    The group I am in starts skills lab tomorrow morning I can't believe its time already!!! Of course my kid came home sick today so I have been freaking out all day.... but she seems better now.... hope she holds out until Friday for any more illnesses So as long as I don't sleep through my alarm clock and I remember to bring all of my stuff... I think I am good. Good luck everyone !!!!
  8. by   Rush2sknnr
    Hi there! I too start bright and early tomorrow! I'm having an issue however....I tried getting my badge today and was told that I needed to come back tomorrow for verification, because the office closed at 4. Im so nervous that the instructor is going to get a bad first impression. On the other hand...there is nothing I can do about it right now. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you in class! Good luck!
  9. by   mbragasin
    Wow! Let us know how it goes! I don't start until next week:/
  10. by   gdgrrrl
    WooHoo! Started Pharm today and it was Fantastic! Looking forward to Skills Lab tomorrow!
  11. by   H&Mmama
    Wow I can't believe my last test is tomorrow! It feels like the beginning of the semester was years ago, but yet went by like a blink of an eye! My professor was the greatest ever, and my classmates and carpool buddies were awesome. Couldn't have asked for a better first semester! Thank you Lord!
  12. by   37 and counting
    I can't believe how fast that semester went by. It felt like we were constantly taking midterms or finals. Just an FYI to the next incoming class the classes run one after the other so the first semester is broken into two 8 week sections with two classes (pharm & theory) in each. In addition, the first 8 weeks you will also have skills lab and the second 8 weeks will be clinical. Congrats to the 58 of us who made it throught to second semester and good luck to the next 60
  13. by   H&Mmama
    So we have a month till 4th semester starts!! Whoop whoop can't wait! We're almost there everyone!