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Hi, Has anyone applied to City of Hopes New Grad program for the February 2013 cohort? The application is due today, and I can't seem to find the app online. Anyone care to direct me to the right place?... Read More

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    NurseK7, I sent you a pm, but you may not be able to read it if you haven't had 15 posts here yet. When is your interview?

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    Hello CarryThatWeight! I will be applying for City of Hope new grad program. Is there any tips you could tell me? I mean what documents do I need aside from resume? Also, how do you apply online? Is there an informations to fill wherein you fill it up and once the new grad application open, you just upload all your required stuffs? Thank you in advance!
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    How was your interview for City of Hope? Mind sharing with us the process, interview questions, etc please? Thanks in advance!
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    Does anyone know how many people they are taking for the June cohort? Any info anyone has on the interview process would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    They told me there are 20 spots but 3 of them are for internals ... So 17 left for us
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    Oh wow, I wonder how many people they plan on interviewing...
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    Anyone who is applying for the summer cohort and is fortunate to get accepted--or even gets an interview--could you kindly let us know what happens during the process? It would be so highly appreciated!

    I am planning to apply for the October cohort
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    My status was 'Not Selected', but a friend of mine said that she'll interview in 8 days
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    Do you know if they are done making calls for interviews? My application still says "in process" - I'm wondering if I should still hold out some hope!

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