CHLA RN Residency September 2013

  1. Hi Nurses

    Wanted to start a new forum for those of you applying for the RN New Grad Program for the Spetemper 2013 cohort.
    Heres the Link:

    Applications opened today so best of luck to all who apply!
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  3. by   uonyike
    completed the application yesterday. good luck to all
  4. by   Janerooo
    Haha, just realized how amazing I spelled September* oopsie!
  5. by   uonyike
    just got the package! letter of intent here i come.
  6. by   Janerooo
    Got it too. Here it goes
  7. by   dee1267
    Got the package yesterday how exciting. Where did you guys pick for first choice ?
    And did the email ask to let her know?
    Also are you guys in state ?
    I am in georgia so I am supper nervous about the whole thing but this would be my dream job!!!
    Good luck everyone
    lets keep the post going "like a dork I read all last years already trying to get as much info as possible."
  8. by   nurse0311
    Applied on the 11th, good luck to all
  9. by   ocennia
    does everyone who apply get a package? I got the package yesterday also. Just wondering because that packet had a lot of information that seems to only matter if you are hired for the job like benefits packages and such.
  10. by   dee1267
    From last times posts they said everyone gets a package. But your right it does seem like a lot for everyone to get one.
  11. by   ocennia
    well that's annoying! The not knowing part! Do we know when they make their decisions? Mid April perhaps?
  12. by   dee1267
    I read all the posts from last time and it looks like it was about a mo or so. Some had phone interviews followed by 2-3 interviews depending on unit. What did you pick for first choice ? Did your email say to let her know your first choice?
  13. by   ocennia
    The email had three attachments. I'm not sure where I'm going to pick. It's kinda of a big deal. Plus my clinical instructors are on break because it's spring break. SOOO I gotta wait. Otherwise I would have sent my packet in today! what are your top choices? and where did you go to school?
  14. by   dee1267
    I am at shorter university in Georgia. The top of my email said to let her know my first choice so I replied to the email with PICU. I hope that's what she wanted me to do. All I know is I am supper excited for the chance to work for them. I have read the entire web site lol (well almost)

    What school are you in are you in state or out of state ?