CHLA RN Residency September 2013

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    Hi Nurses

    Wanted to start a new forum for those of you applying for the RN New Grad Program for the Spetemper 2013 cohort.
    Heres the Link:

    Applications opened today so best of luck to all who apply!
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    completed the application yesterday. good luck to all
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    Haha, just realized how amazing I spelled September* oopsie!
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    just got the package! letter of intent here i come.
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    Got it too. Here it goes
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    Got the package yesterday how exciting. Where did you guys pick for first choice ?
    And did the email ask to let her know?
    Also are you guys in state ?
    I am in georgia so I am supper nervous about the whole thing but this would be my dream job!!!
    Good luck everyone
    lets keep the post going "like a dork I read all last years already trying to get as much info as possible."
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    Applied on the 11th, good luck to all
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    does everyone who apply get a package? I got the package yesterday also. Just wondering because that packet had a lot of information that seems to only matter if you are hired for the job like benefits packages and such.
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    From last times posts they said everyone gets a package. But your right it does seem like a lot for everyone to get one.
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    well that's annoying! The not knowing part! Do we know when they make their decisions? Mid April perhaps?