CHLA RN Residency Program September 2012 - page 9

Hello nurses!! :) is anyone else applying for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles RN Residency Program that starts September 4th, 2012??? :)... Read More

  1. by   starghadeer
    Quote from lemonchiffon
    I just received a call from HR this afternoon. It's only my second call back, and I was completely losing motivation to apply to anything, so I'm very grateful to at least be given a chance! Lots of luck to everyone waiting!

    Is anyone choosing to do a phone interview?
    when i asked the HR employee, she said lots of people also chose to do phone interviews.
  2. by   newbiepnp
    There are two steps with CHLA. Step 1 is with HR and then Step 2 is with the department. Good luck to everyone! Has anyone gotten a call who applied to any of the med/surg floors?
  3. by   aspiRiNgpediatric
    I applied to a med/surg floor and recieved a call today

    Good luck everyone!!!
  4. by   Halleh
    Has anyone who applied to NICU/PICU gotten a call yet?
  5. by   mihaSK
    I applied to NICU/PICU but didn't hear from them
    Hope they call ...
  6. by   loma510
    has anyone heard from back from the surgical unit?
  7. by   tee0220
    got a call yesterday , i applied for surgical.
  8. by   perioddrama
    Quote from tee0220
    got a call yesterday , i applied for surgical.
    Congratulations! Yay!
  9. by   tee0220
    Thanks perioddrama .. I'm officially freaking out ..
  10. by   perioddrama
    Quote from tee0220
    Thanks perioddrama .. I'm officially freaking out ..
    at least you got the call and aren't staring at your phone all day.

    breathe. relax. now, nail that interview!
  11. by   acvnurse
    I got a call yesterday for CV Acute. Super excited! The phone calls are still rollin out, so don't lose hope! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   DLeoard
    Hi Everyone,
    I received a call on Friday for an interview. HR said that they would be calling me sometime in mid May to schedule the interview and that I should just wait for their call. They said that I made it through the initial interview process and would be going straight to a unit manager for an interview. I'm very excited and nervous!!!
    Good Luck to all
  13. by   lalalana
    Dleonard which floor/unit are you interviewing for?