Charles Drew University ELMSN FAll 2013

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    Hello All

    I plan on applying the Charles Drew's Entry Level MSN program. I am currently at SFSU in a post bac pre nursing program. I will be finish with the program and my pre req's in May. Has anyone else already applied or preparing to apply? Also, any individuals currently in the program that would't mind sharing a couple of things about the school. EX: typical day, clinical sites, and what CDU typically looks for when selecting nursing students?


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    I'm applying for admission in Fall 2013 as well. I will be sending my application in about 3 weeks. Are you mailing your completed application?
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    I'm going down for the orientation on March 22nd. Its hard to find info on these forums about how the school is now. Any updates from any current students?
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    Were you accepted into the program mcarroll789?
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    I'm almost graduating from there...the school has all its accreditation (NLNAC, CCNE, WASC) which is a big relief for me. I personally like how the school is growing. Students opinions and voices are heard. If you are a good student you'll do fine. The school does not tolerate cheating or excuses....what school does!!!
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    Hello BunnyBunny,
    I am applying for this fall as well. Would you mind telling me your stats, so I can better determine my chances.

    Here is a lil about me... I graduated from a UC with a degree in Neuroscience, unfortantely my gpa is only a 2.3 (I struggled having to support myself and go to school at the same time.) Since then I have working in a lab and working towards a clinical lab science program at CSUDH, my gpa their is a 3.2. I have always wanted to do patient care and decided last fall to complete nursing pre reqs. I completed 20 units with a 3.96. My overall charles drew pre req gpa is a 3.89. I have almost 2 years of volunteer experience in a hospital. I am also in a CNA program that finished next month. I am very passionate about nursing but I know my undergrad gpa is holding me back. Do you think it is advantageous for me to apply to charles drew?
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    Has anybody heard anything? Like a phone call or anything saying that they at least received your application?
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    My boyfriend got into this program. They're not sending out anything official until June, but you can call their offices to find out.
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    I got accepted for Fall 2013 but have to defer my enrollment until Spring 2014
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    Did you turn in everything. For example GRE scores or do you still have any classes in progress?

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