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    I interviewed with Centinela Hospital in Inglewood and was wondering if anyone knew what their hiring process was. The Manager / Charge RN that interviewed me told me at the end of the interview that HR takes about 2-3 weeks to proces my paperwork. So do I follow up with the person that interviewed me or HR, and how much does HR influence the final decision if I have not met with anyone in HR???

    Thank you!!

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    How long did it take you to hear from HR? I was told after my interview that HR would be calling me in about 2 weeks. Im not sure if that means I will hear from them in 3 or 4 weeks ( not sure what timing is like). Did you call to follow up? They havent processed my paperwork yet. Im still waiting to get the call Im supposed to get.
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    did you apply online? if so how long did it take them to call you for an interview?
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    It took a week or less after applying online. Ended up somewhere else at another hospital though thats closer to me. Keep applying.
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    I had a interview 2 and 1/2 weeks ago with the nurse manager. I just got a call from HR and filled out some paperwork for a background screening. Anyone know what I should be expecting in the next few weeks? I hate waiting. please offer some insight!
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    im scheduled for an interview next week. what kind of questions do they ask? thanks
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    I know this is an older thread but I wanted to know how it turned out for everyone. I was notified this past Sunday that I was recommended for hire but needs to have my recommendations, backgrounds and physical cleared (still haven't signed any forms allowing for a background check). I haven't heard from them since... I guess I need to wait out another week at least to hear from HR.
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    I had a interview on Monday with Centinela hospital and was hired. The nurse manager said I would hear from HR in about a week to sign paper work. How long did it really take to complete the process?
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    Hi msmice what flr were you hired?
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    I was hired on a DOU floor.

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