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    I interviewed with Centinela Hospital in Inglewood and was wondering if anyone knew what their hiring process was. The Manager / Charge RN that interviewed me told me at the end of the interview that HR takes about 2-3 weeks to proces my paperwork. So do I follow up with the person that interviewed me or HR, and how much does HR influence the final decision if I have not met with anyone in HR???

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   klarity
    How long did it take you to hear from HR? I was told after my interview that HR would be calling me in about 2 weeks. Im not sure if that means I will hear from them in 3 or 4 weeks ( not sure what timing is like). Did you call to follow up? They havent processed my paperwork yet. Im still waiting to get the call Im supposed to get.
  4. by   nihaojailan
    did you apply online? if so how long did it take them to call you for an interview?
  5. by   klarity
    It took a week or less after applying online. Ended up somewhere else at another hospital though thats closer to me. Keep applying.
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  6. by   incrediblehaulk
    I had a interview 2 and 1/2 weeks ago with the nurse manager. I just got a call from HR and filled out some paperwork for a background screening. Anyone know what I should be expecting in the next few weeks? I hate waiting. please offer some insight!
  7. by   stuart2994
    im scheduled for an interview next week. what kind of questions do they ask? thanks
  8. by   krazieklutz03
    I know this is an older thread but I wanted to know how it turned out for everyone. I was notified this past Sunday that I was recommended for hire but needs to have my recommendations, backgrounds and physical cleared (still haven't signed any forms allowing for a background check). I haven't heard from them since... I guess I need to wait out another week at least to hear from HR.
  9. by   msmice
    I had a interview on Monday with Centinela hospital and was hired. The nurse manager said I would hear from HR in about a week to sign paper work. How long did it really take to complete the process?
  10. by   miles214
    Hi msmice what flr were you hired?
  11. by   msmice
    I was hired on a DOU floor.
  12. by   miles214
    Have you started working already? I was interviewed too but the interviewer told me to call me by monday.
  13. by   msmice
    What floor was you hired for? No I have not started working. I was just interviewed I am trying figure out what's the next step after you have taken the position. So You have not sign any paper work yet?
  14. by   miles214
    In the DOU flr too. I have not sign any paper work.