California ICU RN Job availabilities

  1. Heading to La for my 3rd travel contract and wondering how the job market is there/difficulty of finding a staff position in the hospitals there? A little about me; 27 yo male, started nursing in June 2016 in a mixed CTICU/CCU level 1 trauma /teaching hospital, just finished my 2nd contract at Mount Sinai CVICU and starting a travel contract at USC Keck in their CVICU. I plan on applying to Kaiser's CRNA program. Going to work a few contracts and then my plan was to go staff somewhere for a year, get residence, retake some classes, and apply for the program. I'm just worried about being able to get a staff position in a CVICU in one of the teaching hospitals there. Any thoughts from a California RN greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   smxp
    You already work there, couldn't you find out by talking to staff or the manager?
  4. by   NadaHin
    I don't start until 5/16. It's a big move for me and I'd like to have an idea prior to getting there.
  5. by   Wolf at the Door
    USC keck will probably have an opening. Also USC has a CRNA program. Kaiser will be difficult to get into.