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  1. smxp

    Best hospital in Las Vegas

    UMC treats their nurses the best but pays the worst, it will still feel like you won the lottery coming from NC
  2. Hey outriton, any chance I could talk to you about working in the Sacramento area? I'm ideally moving there in the next year. I'm not active enough to be able to PM here but if you'd be willing to chat just pm me an email address you're comfortable sharing. I'm an ICU nurse and I'm most interested in UC Davis. Thanks for considering :)
  3. smxp

    Get over California.

    thanks. what about CNA's contract with the UC system? know anything about how those negotiations are going?
  4. Hi all, is anyone familiar with the pre-employment medication test at UCD? What's involved?
  5. smxp

    Get over California.

    What kind of changes are happening with the union contracts?
  6. smxp

    UMC ICU RN hiring process - how long?

    they usually call for an interview quickly, like within a week or two. then they call about a week after your interview if you're gonna get a job offer. what unit are you applying to?
  7. smxp

    Las Vegas Trauma

    Hi there, i recently moved to vegas and have similar interests as you nursing-wise. I would love to compare notes on jobs/etc if you're interested but i made this account to contact you so i can't send PMs yet. I currently work PD in UMC's TICU and would advise against sunrise, it has a terrible reputation especially their trauma ICU from what i've heard personally. UMC also has a much larger referral area and a standalone trauma floor which contains their own resus unit, OR, TICU, IR, and CT which is pretty sweet. There are of course cons to go with all of those pros, the hospital is definitely not perfect.

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