Cal State Univ, Northridge Accelerated BSN (A-BSN) 2013 - page 14

Hey guys! Are there any individuals here applying for CSUN's ABSN program for the Summer/Fall 2013? I'm currently applying and would love to hear from those who are into this as well. I'm still finishing up my prerequisites... Read More

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    Quote from aleong29
    I was accepted into the Fall Cohort, but I was really hoping for Summer. I would ask and see if I can change, but I feel like it's too late to switch.
    I heard that it might be possible to switch to Summer. If you'd like to, email Joanne ASAP.

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    Anyone received a rejection yet?
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    Quote from margaritadelsol
    Anyone received a rejection yet?
    Nope, I have not received a rejection nor an acceptance.
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    Quote from margaritadelsol
    Anyone received a rejection yet?
    Same here, haven't received a rejection or acceptance yet
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    Hi guys- is there a fb group for the summer 2013 cohort?
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    Hey guys! I've been reading this forum and finally decided to join because there are no new comments. I applied to the ABSN program for Northridge too, and still haven't heard anything! It's driving me crazy! I just wish if I didn't make it they would just let me know so I can stop checking my e-mail every 2 minutes! Lol, but in all seriousness.. is there anyone else who has not heard anything yet?
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    Quote from mima7
    Hi guys- is there a fb group for the summer 2013 cohort?
    Mima7, I believe coloradochick34 created a fb group for those who are starting in summer
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    Has anyone who didn't get accepted hear anythjng today about acceptances or rejections?
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    Can any current students shed any light on how doable it seems to maintain a very high GPA? I know it helps get into new grad programs, and I plan on continuing on to grad school to become an advanced practice nurse at some point, so maintaining a high GPA is key for me.

    Also, do you feel like you all are getting enough practice to feel clinically competent once you start working?
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    I haven't received a rejection or a acceptance email/letter yet

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