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  1. 0 Hello everyone I'm quite confused on weather to go straight for a BSN or get an ADN first at my community college (RCC) and then get into a bridge RN-BSN program at one of the Cal States(probably CSF). Eventually I would like to work my way up to a MSN and become a family NP, but for know I really just want to obtain my RN license to get some experience; so I would rather stay at RCC as its closer by . However, I hear a lot of people say that hospitals will only hire BSNs and that you even get bonuses as well for having a BSN..?:/ I am most likely interested in working within Riverside or San Diego county. I would greatly appericate some feedback!
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    but for know I really just want to obtain my RN license to get some experience; so I would rather stay at RCC as its closer by
    By the sounds of it you already have made your decision, while it's always a good thing to advance your career and degree, there is nothing wrong with the step-wise approach. Especially if you are wanting to get your feet wet first, and even make/earn a living.
    Yes, there are facilities out there that require a minimum BSN, but it's not the standard as of yet.
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    With the new grad unemployment rate so high you will likely not be marketable without a BSN. So if you are wanting to get your ADN and work while getting your BSN it will be difficult. This is actually the route I chose due to moving. And I was job hunting for 9 months. I was only given interviews after I enrolled in a BSN program and added it to my resume.
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    I think it would be a waste of time to get an ADN.
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    As Samantha has stated, new grad unemployment (BSN/RN) is very very high in California. In my opinion, I would advise you to pursue your BSN because a lot of hospitals (that I have looked into) recommend having your BSN. You also got to remember which would give you a better chance of getting a job. If you graduate with your ADN/RN, would hospitals hire you over a new grad BSN/RN? What will you bring to the table? Good Luck!
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    BSN 100%
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    Thank you everyone :-) Is anybody familiar with Cal State San Berdadino's BSN program? I am researching the requirments, and but I am quite confused on the pre-reqs. Do we have to complete all of the supporting pre-reqs (General Bio, Intro to Biochem, Genetics, ect) before we apply too? or can they be in process?
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