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I didnt see a thread on AVC nursing so I just made one for everyone. IS anyone applying to AVC nursing or in the program already? The person working at the department told me it would be like 3 semster waits. Im expecting to get... Read More

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    OMG! Two-year wait list!! It's so scary. Hope I get in the Spring semester. I don't want to wait!!

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    I also noticed they cut one class they used to take 60 students for the generic. My co-worker said, she heard a rumor that they will evetually close the program. I really hope is not true.
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    @3rd Watch- do you have other schools that you're applying to for Spring 2014? I only say that because I personally don't like the idea of placing all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    If AVC really is going to cut the whole program as a whole, that would be tragic! The next closest school for an ADN program would be COC or Bakersfield, depending which direction you take.

    Crossing my fingers for all of us!
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    We should be able to go in the program. Just in case try the two schools nearby (COC & Bakersfield) ...but most likely you'll get in in the next class (Spring 2014). After that I don't know. I work at Henry Mayo and the rumor is going around. I don't know
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    Third watch which program are you doing? The generic or bridge?
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    I'm on the waitlist for the generic program. We should get some kind mail from the program in November. I already passed the TEAS at another program. Make sure you study.
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    What did you use to study for the TEAS?
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    What did you use to study for the TEAS. I applied in early July. Hopefully we will be hearing something in the next few months.
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    MS1908- I used the study guide that you can purchase through ATI. I also used a couple of other study guides to make sure I grasp the whole concept.
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    Got accepted into the Spring 2014 class! Woo-hoo! I cant wait to finally start!
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