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Hey, I applied for RN residencies at both UCSF and Stanford during the week of May 10th, 2010. I wanted to hear from anyone who has applied to either program AND has been contacted by a recruiter. Or from anyone who knows... Read More

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    Hello! I just got a call yesterday that I have an interview at UCSF in perinatal services. Does anyone know what the UCSF interviews are like? What kinds of questions? Any and all info would be great!! Thanky you!

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    Quote from linRdsNay
    ^ I agree. Right now many of the new grad programs are requiring that you have at least a BSN to be eligible for the program. I have a feeling as things start to turn around and new grads are hired more and more, that those restrictions will loosen up again. Although, there are some hospitals that are phasing out the hiring of ADN nurses, but i don't know how long that will last...
    This is a really old post, but I think that the reason some hospitals aren't hiring ADNs as much anymore (or at least ADNs who don't have a plan in place to obtain their BSN) has to do with Magnet Hospital requirements.

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