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:bowingpurI am thinking about doing a study on burn nurses and what factors influenced them to work in a burn unit. As a nursing instructor, I love teaching about wound care/burn care. I am just wondering, how many of you were in... Read More

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    I worked three years oncology unit and now am in psychiatry!!!!!yeah, I know the change seems strange......
    I am not currently working or had work the burn unit. However I did rotate acute burn unit during my clinicals, I did a one week rotation as part of my surgical rotation at the trauma center. It was a very tough experience, a true eyeopener!!!!!!!
    Only five of us got to be in this rotation............ But in retrospect I do believe it should had been mandatory at least for a coup,e of days........
    I did bonded in a very deep way with my assigned patients, to be part of such a painful experience (I mean participating during woundcare) makes you closer in a spiritual way.
    I cannot say that I had fun........but I grew emotionally and spiritually through my experiences with my patients, I am a better nurse today almost ten years later.
    I hope it helps, although you're interested in current burn unit nurses.!!!
    I do have a lot of respect for all of you burn Rn's, I know for a fact it takes a very special person!!!!!!
    Best of luck to all of you

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