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    The Problem with Nursing

    I think Sarjasy's is a gutsy post, and, whilst I don't like the general critical tone, I do think that people should not just have a knee jerk reaction to the criticisms but seriously look at what is being said, and maybe think about it for a while before getting too defensive. Many of those who agree with the post are experienced nurses, which says a lot. Careful though Sarjasy that you don't become one of the whiners; there's being open, honest and constructive, and then there's being sour, arrogant and critical: You don't want to alienate the people you are trying to communicate with. :smiley_aa :paw: :balloons: :monkeydance: :flwrhrts: Oops, sorry! Couldn't resist! I really hope your experience improves as you continue, and that you are one of those who make nursing a great profession to be in.
  2. Nursing student about to start a 2 month externship in TBICU at U of M. I'll let you know how it goes but I am VERY excited. :yeah:Other than that I wouldn't get to see a burns unit in my clinicals.

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