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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I'm an RN in central AR. I work ICU and absolutely love it (most of the time )


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    I am a CRNA student at Texas Wesleyan University. I will be back in Arkansas come January to finish up!
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    ARKANSAS-GIRL where are you in school at?
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    I am an ex-arkansas RN that was happy to go back west. The people in Ar. are wondeful, the Hawgs, what can you say, everyone should experience one football game, but the pay was horrible!!!! RNs deserve much better!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi folks!

    I'm just beginning this journey at age 44. I'm currently working in Engineering, but changing careers to Nursing.

    I'm in Russellville, AR and hope to be in Arkansas tech soon.

    I'd really like to meet and discuss my nursing education with someone in Russellville. Working or a student, I'd like some info.

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    Hello everyone! I'm a pre-nursing student at UCA.

    I've graduated from ASU-Beebe in December, 2003.

    I'm in Cabot. Tired of driving from Cabot to Conway everyday!

    I wish well for everybody.
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    Glad to see many have replied. It's nice to hear from everyone. I have lived in Ark most of my life, when I was married we moved alot but Ark was always home. I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time, had a baby shower this weekend. I love see all the baby things, my baby is 22yrs old. This is my oldest sons first child. It's exciting. Anyway, glad to meet all the people who have joined. Write anytime.
    Brenda from Heber Springs
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    Hi everyone,

    Nice thread. I'm at St. Vincent Central in Little Rock in the ICU. Love it...hate it....wouldn't do anything else. Nice to "meet" everyone.
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    Howdie do!

    I'm an LPN from North East Arkansas, and have worked in long term care for the last year. Kinda new to me, and am still learning all the rules...even tho I've been a nurse for 10 years! I quit for a few years when my twins were small, and just recently started back into the swing of things. But am loving every minute of it!

    My only concern is how short staffed our nursing home seems, or maybe it's just how I see things. The nursing station where I work on 7-3 has approx. 56 residents, with only 1 cna to each 7 or 8 residents. I myself am responsible for 24 residents each day...I find myself getting no morning break, no afternoon break and rarely a lunch break. Then they get on to us for not taking our lunch breaks...when there's no way to do it all. LPN's here can take orders, process them, hang IV's, etc. Our home offers bonus pay for extra-hours, and 2 weeks of paid vacation if you've been here a year. But there's no health insurance or anything else. My starting pay was $10.00 ab hour. Is this similar to what you other nurses are experiencing?
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    Wanted to say Hello to all the Arkansans!!! I was raised in N. Little Rock, parents still live there!! I miss it terribly. I'm an LPN finishing my last 7 weeks of an ADN program in NY. RN here I come! Moving to FL soon (Hubby's job) but I'd give my right arm to get back to Arkansas. Oh, and don't ever let yankee's make fun of y'all. I've seen more sister banging incest since I moved to upstate NY than I ever saw in the south!! LOL.

    Blondie, The Hawgs Fan WoooooooPIGSooooiiieeeeeeeeeeeee RAZORBACKS!!!

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