I got my acceptance letter from UAMS!!!

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    I am just ecstatic right now. Can't believe that after less than a week from my interview I received my acceptance package yesterday. I never thought I could get in this school as it is a tough program to get into. I am so excited about my future!!! Anyone else got their acceptance letter?
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    Congrats on your acceptance ... that is so exciting :-)
    Good luck!
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    Congrats, tikyut! Best of luck for a bright future! I am still waiting for an acceptance letter, but it sure feels good to see someone else gets theirs!
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    Enjoy and celebrate now.
    Hard work ahead.

    Good luck on your new beginning.
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    Hell yes! I hope you're dancing and screaming all over the place! I know i would be!
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    Congraaaats! I received mine also. I'm super duper nervous but oh so thrilled to be starting!
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    I see you were accepted in 2013. I have an interview next week for the 2014 BSN program. Can you give me any advice in regards to the study load, teachers, curriculum ect... I find it hard to get any insight so anything at all would be greatly appreciated.