Has anyone failed nursing and came back again?

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    i am going to be starting back up in my nursing program this october 2006. i have been out since december 2005... i am really worried about failing the second time around, so i've been studying all my old notes and reading everything i can.
    my problem is not knowing what to exactly study for and how to answer the questions right on the test! i always seem to stuy too much or not enough....i have asked other students what they do, and most of them say they don't even read the books, that they just study the class lecture handouts. i feel like i would be missing something if i didn't look in my books....
    any suggestion would be so helpful.
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    My nursing program was 3 years and several ppl I know had to repeat a year making it a 4 year program for them and they did just fine. I think reading the assignments from the books is very important since I've seen test questions show up from reading assignments--not necessarily everything covered in lecture and their notes.
    Best of luck to you. I'm sure you can do this.
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    I am a current student and I never have TIME to read the books. I was just telling my husband the other day.,.. It feels like I have to choose btwn getting GOOD grades or actually learning the concepts or seeing the whole picture. I cannot do both with the amount of work piled on me. I have ended up where I need to "figure out" the teachers style and once that is accomplished I study what I need to to get an A or a B. Last term I had Med/Surg and was .7 away from an A (many in my class failed)--but I feel like I do not know one-tenth of what I should. I want to keep my GPA up so as to leave my options open for the future (grad school) etc
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    Don't be discouraged, I have a friend in my class that is in for the third time, I have helped her by being a study partner. Often your study partner will pick- up on something that you may not have or you may have gotten something that your partner may not have. I do read the books and focous on the main headings and pick out the most important things. Often they will be at the first and end of the paragraphs. I also do flash cards and flash when I have any spare time even driving to and from work and class. My friend has maintained a 3.0 so far and we about to start oour last semester. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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    It is nice to know that there is support and encouragement out there for me. Nursing school is so hard, and I guess unless you have been through it yourself, it's hard to understand how trying it can be on you and your families!!!
    I really like all your ideas!
    I would love to hear more idea too!
    Thank you!
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    :spin: You can say that again!!! Nursing school has been a challange for me as well. I have a good support system with my husband and mother-in-law. If it were not for them I may have given up in the beginning. When I started I didn't know it was so much to it.
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    I have so many nursing friends that are so stressed out right now being Seniors. They are just counting the days to graduation!
    I am not ashamed of failing last year, I did only miss it by three points...but It just does something to me inside because I have had to put so much into this program and put my family on the back burner. I have another friend that was a re-entry student just this past Aug. and she just flunked out again, so now she is going to do the LPN program...good thing there are options for us!
    I am so glad I am not doing this for the money...
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    I had a clinical failure my first time around in nursing school. I improved my skills and went back, confident that it would be a breeze.

    Then I forgot to take a test ( we can take the tests on our own time in a certain time frame), I have ADD and had been sick for a week before hand. I feel like im trapped in nightmare that I cant get out of.

    So that test gave me a zero, bringing down my grade, and making in nearly impossible to pass. I wrote to the dean to get around their "no make-ups" policy, but he sided with the teachers.

    I have two more tests left, then the final on the 19th. I need 98's to pass the semester.

    what really stinks is that I cannot return for a third time to the program, Ill have to go to another school (if i can get accepted anywhere).
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    No one give up! I know that is easier said than done, but seriously, if I can do it, anyone on this earth can! And in my mind, anyone who truly has the desire and gift to be a nurse, and pushes forward despite a few draw-backs, are going to be the best nurses there are. So hang in there anyone who feels let down or disheartened.........your future patients will never forget the hard work and sacrifices you have had to make.
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    A lot of classes have learning objectives outlined at the start, which should guide your study.

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