Starting Salaries for RNs in Arizona

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    Greetings from South Carolina, y'all!!!

    Quick question - a good friend of mine tells me that the STARTING salary for new RN grads in Arizona is $35/hr - that just BLOWS MY MIND!! Is this true????

    Thanks in advance for your responses -
    Just sign me "Underpaid in SC!!!!"

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    Definitely not, is she getting things mixed up with California?
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    No. I think you'd be doing good with about 22 an hour.... nights.
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    $35/hr to new grads in Az? Ha Ha that's too funny! When I left in 2002 they were getting $18-20. Now in Sacramento new grads get near that.
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    I just was hired in tucson and was quoted a base pay of 19/hr. With night shift it will be around 21/hr. I WISH IT WAS 35!!
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    I am a block 3 student at Boswell and we had the Nursing Director come in from Estrella Banner Hospital and said starting pay for a new grad is $25.60. That is from the horses mouth. I was in the room. His wife is in our class.
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    I heard recently between 27.00 and 29.00/hr but it probably really depends on the hospital.
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    I make 45.10/hr
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    New Grads at CHW 25.00 an hour...that was my starting pay this year. 20% night shift differential and 15% on weekends.
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    I started at $26.52 and went to $33 and some change after a year....and a bsn....and a couple certs....and a new hospital group....

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