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    Hello Arizonians. I will be graduating in 5 short weeks, and I'm about to start gathering steam for a job search (new RN). I was initially looking to work in Nevada, but I thought I'd widen my options and include Arizona.

    I'm looking for a smallish community where housing prices aren't through the roof. I prefer a simple lifestyle, and really look forward to the hot weather as I'm a born and raised Minnesotan.

    I honestly don't know where to begin my search. Can anyone provide any kind of recommendations as far as a search or resources to use? I've been surfing the web, but I haven't found the right tools to better my search results.

    I'm also on the fence as to whether to use some kind of recruiter or just go it alone.

    Thanks for any opinions or suggestions.

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    I live in Tucson, and all I did was call the manager of the department that I wanted and left a message with him that I wanted to work there. 3 hours later I had the job-site unseen. I don't think you need a recruiter. Just pick out your town and call the managers.

    As far as which town.....that's a tough one. Have you at least narrowed it down to Phoenix or Tucson area?
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    Born and raised in Minnesota, here! Where in MN are you from? I've lived in Prescott AZ for over three years now, and I'm convinced that the weather here is absolutely perfect. Unlike down in Phoenix, we do get four seasons here, but it still gets hot in the summer (not 116, but in the 90s with a very strong sun), and the winters are incredibly mild (think March weather in Minnesota).

    The Prescott area is a smaller community than Phoenix or Tucson, and definitely has a very small-town feel, but it's growing quickly, providing lots of opportunities in healthcare. The main hospital here, Yavapai Regional Medical Center, is opening a second hospital that's slated to open in mid-May. They're starting their new grad RN program at the end of July, and offer a $2000 sign-on bonus, as well as a relocation reimbursement (with a max of around $1800).

    There's also the VA Hospital here that has excellent benefits and is starting their first new grad program this spring, and a new rehab hospital is being built and they anticipate it being ready to go this summer.

    Anyway, check out Prescott! I love it here, and have no plans to ever move.
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    There are a ton of hospitals in phoenix and you won't have ANY trouble getting a job. As far as small communities though, you are probably better off in Pescott. Phoenix is pretty huge. I don't know how the housing prices compare to Minnesota. Housing used to be pretty reasonable here, but teh last 2 years realestate has gone through the roof here. It's still much cheaper than California though. If you contact any hospital in phoenix HR dept they will give you lots more info (either on line or by phone). Here is a list of places: Scottsdale Healthcare (Shea or Osborne), John C lincoln (North Mountain or Deer Valley), The Banner system has several hospitals out here (Good Sam, Thunderbird Good Sam, Desert Sam, & more), Sun Health (Boswell memorial or Del Webb Memorial), Arrowhead hospital, Paradise Valley hospital, adn many many more. I would definitly stay away from dangerous areas like Phoenix Memorial, Maricopa County, or Maryvale, untill you get familiar with the area( not that the hospital is bad but the area). Also east valley ahs lots of hospitals not familiar with (Gilbert Tempe, Chandler I here these are nice areas.

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    Hi!. Jobs are great in AZ. Yes, I do understand your looking forward to the sunshine as I grew up in ND and remember the -98 below with the wind chill factor. If you would like a smaller hosptial there is a brand new one opening up in Gilbert in June called Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. The reason I know this is that I work at Chandler Regional Hospital -- their sister hospital. Where I work they have great benefits, staff and salary so I am happy where I am at. Something to consider. Good luck.
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    I would also recommend looking into Prescott. Its a beautiful town and still reasonable for cost of living. Sounds like there's some good opportunities up there in the medical field. If you're looking for a small town feel you definitley dont want to be in the Phoenix Metro area, and I think Prescott would be a better bet for you than Tucson b/c doesnt get as hot, and you will still get to see the seasons change. Good Luck!
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    I also thinking about moving to AZ because of the housing and living cost in Los Angeles are terribily high. I am very worry about the nurse and patients ratio and the culture diversity in AZ. I have been a nurse for 8 months so I 've been working under "the new ratio law" the whole time. Can anybody tell me more about it?
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    Quote from nursebear168
    I also thinking about moving to AZ because of the housing and living cost in Los Angeles are terribily high. I am very worry about the nurse and patients ratio and the culture diversity in AZ. I have been a nurse for 8 months so I 've been working under "the new ratio law" the whole time. Can anybody tell me more about it?
    I don't know what the legislation is in AZ, but at the hospital at which I work (YRMC in Prescott), the ratio is no more than 5:1. Cultural diversity is mainly White, Native American and Mexican (we have a very large Mexican population up here, and in the department in which I work, I would say that 20% of our patients are Spanish-speaking only). There are very few Black and Asian people here (which took some getting used to when I moved here from downtown Minneapolis).
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    I do think Tucson still has a bit of 'small town feel' as strange as that sounds for its size. Housing prices are through the roof though, higher than Phoenix. TMC in Tucson is offering new grad sign on bonuses between $3000-$4000. My friends in Tucson tell me mixed things about TMC though. I guess they vary drastically depending upon the unit.
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    My son is starting a new job in Scottsdale in July. He said the town was beautiful. Is kind of expensive. Rent for a two-bedroom about $1000.00/mo. He is hoping to get part of his student loans paid by the federal government but with the new law mandating the refusal of care (except emergency of course) unless the individual can provide proof of citizenship, he's afraid the hospital will lose it's disproportionage share designation. Have to wait and see.

    Does anyone here work in Scottsdale? And is it far enough way from Phoenix to hopefully not be affected by the big-city problems?

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