Seeking information on Gateways LPNprogram in Phx. AZ

  1. My daughter has been acepted at both Maricopa Skills Center LPN prgram and at Gateway Community college LPN program. She plans on working as a LN after while doing her RN. Any informationon either program would be helpful as she decides which program to attend. Thanks for your input.
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    I'm in a similar program at Southwest Skill Center, so I can't give direct answers about GCC or Maricopa Skill Center, but I can give some practical advice in general. If your daughter has any free time before the program starts, she'll have a head start if she takes a CNA course and also Bio 201 & 202 (Bio 201 & 202 are prereqs/corequs for the Maricopa Community College RN programs). I'd say about half the students in my class have the CNA course (which is not a requirement for MSC or my school, but is for GCC, so your daughter may already have the CNA course) or work as CNAs & about half have at least Bio 201 (and quite a few have 202 too - basically, because a lot of people are planning to bridge to the RN program too). I wouldn't delay going into the LPN program if she doesn't have those 3 courses, but they do give students a nice advantage. If your daughter doesn't have them, she'll have to work a little harder, but it's doable - just tell tell her not to get discouraged if it seems like some of her classmates are "learning quickly" - it's just because they've taken those courses already!

    The school I'm at is good and the instructors are good but it does move fast, and I assume GCC and Maricopa Skills Center are similar. Hopefully her knowing that will allow her to plan her schedule accordingly. As long as she is willing to put in the study time, all should go very well for her!

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    For more info on Gateway there are many threads under here for Gateway Fastrack, you'll find alot of information on here about the past and current program.