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    Gateway community college controversy

    OP, I certainly HOPE that's not true of ANY college or university. I have never heard of anything like that anywhere - and I have a boatload of coursework under my belt from previous degrees. Every once in a while, there would be a mistake made, but professors were always consumate professionals and promptly corrected those types of oversights. I assume the same is true in this situation too. In any case, best of luck!
  2. JustMeee

    BIO 201 at Rio Salado

    OP, I took both Bio 201 & 202 online at Rio. You pretty well get out of online courses what you put into them. I tend to really dig and not slide by, so I get a lot out of my courses. I just took potluck with instructors and they were fine. The biggest piece of advice I can give regarding courses (whether on- or offline) is KNOW EVERYTHING and be able to relate everything. It does take extra effort to know the material to that degree, but it definitely pays off; particularly, when you start seeing NCLEX type test questions in nursing school. Also, Rio tends to be more work than some of the other MCCCD schools, BUT it is well worth it when you get into the nursing classes. You'll be very happy to know all those essays, for example, really DO make the nursing courses much easier. The upshot is: make sure you really put the time & effort into Bio 201 and 202 - it will pay off big time. In addition, if you find yourself on a waiting list with some extra time on your hands, it's well worth it to take Human Pathophysiology (HCR 240). It's a great course and it will really help as you get further into the nursing courses. Best of Luck!!