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Hi everyone! Does anyone have any thoughts on the Rio Salado online associates program? I'm considering this program because I learn better by reading, not lectures. I know with this program I... Read More

  1. by   GeauxNursing
    I wouldn't think you would miss out on anything by doing online, as far as clinicals go. I would assume that all the schools, no matter what route you go (online or classroom) have the same requirements for clinical experience. I think it is state regulated that you have to have so many contact hours in order to be eligible for licensure.
  2. by   ragdoll31
    I just found out that Rio Salado is no longer accepting applications for their nursing program. I contacted an advisor and found out that this is more likely than not going to be a permanent thing. The other MCC campuses will still be taking applications, but their programs are entirely in person - online is out.
  3. by   arizzonadoc
    Does anyone have any more details on the last posting? Does this mean if we are currently on waiting list and Rio Salado is the first choice that we WILL NOT be placed there for upcoming semesters? I was placed for the current (Jan) semester but had to defer, so was hoping to start at Rio in summer. Wow, that would be horrible timing on my part if they wont place anyone at Rio again for awhile!!
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    oh no! Wow, wonder what will happen with that one? Keep us posted.
  5. by   starz_girl_1
    I find it odd that even Rio is saying they are no longer taking students for nursing school, but on our status page, where we can add/change our 5 schools, Rio is STILL there............ what's up with that.....
  6. by   HJS27
    That will change when the program capacities for Summer/Fall 2010 are updated.
  7. by   arizzonadoc
    Well, I guess it's official now; Rio is no longer a choice. My only other option is glendale weekend day, but it will put a definite strain on my current job situation to have to take those particular days off. But I've used my deferral already, so I'll have to make it work. Does anyone have any more information on why Rio was dropped? I just assumed there were many in the same situation as I am, and really needed the on-line option to be able to keep their current jobs. I hope everyone else can find a way to make another program work for them as well. Good luck to you all.
  8. by   azhic13
    Yeah I got the same email this morning too, would be nice if they gave a reason.
  9. by   Tbat
    From reading the minutes, it looks like the pass rate has been low leading to certification issues. So it was easier to drop. Shame.