Rio or Phoenix College Bio201 - ONLINE

  1. Previous threads have indicated some student preferences of Phoenix College over Rio Salado for online Bio 201...I need to make a final decision on which college to take the class at and would appreciate some more indepth reason for one over the over.

    I took Bio156 at Rio and did very well. But, I have to admit I felt the course materials very disorganized.

    I originally thought all the weekly assignments at Rio (AS You Learn essays, Application paragraphs, lab essays, quizes, etc.) were a pain and a huge waste of time ... but at the end of the day, I have to admit that the assignments did have me focus on the issues that were on the test. (I still think the Application paragraphs are unnecessary.) But, overall I felt the weekly assignments prepared me, and were'nt such a waste of time.

    For me, the materials at Rio are my reason for considering PC. But, I don't know if PC's materials are similarly disorganized. I wish I could take a class where I did not have to flip from a book, to online materials, to assignments emailed on a weekly basis, to endless internet searches on my own, etc. Having to go back and forth from all these sources was a huge waste of time. I have such a small window of time each week to the waste of time of flipping back and forth between materials is a big negative for Rio.

    What are PC's materials like? Also, how are PC's testing centers? (Labs are 100% online right? -- only in person activity is a midterm and final for PC, right? (that is how Rio is)).

    Finally, if I do choose PC...any suggestions on the professors? Rate my professor rates some fairly equally. Feel free and PM if you prefer, regarding specifics on Profs.

    Thanks in advance (sorry for long post).
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  3. by   ajhill00
    I'm taking BIO201 right now at RIO, it's not fun. I did take BIO156 last semester and did well. BIO201 has timed quizzes that allow 30 seconds per question. There are 5 essays and AYL questions just like 156, where you have to prepare for any of them to show up on your midterm or final. I too hate the disorganization of the class. They give you so many resources book, online book tutorials, anatomy cd, lesson and notes from instructor every week. It's very hard to figure out where to start studying. I have a high C right now because I got a 66% on my midterm I just took. So I have to make sure I get a high grade on my final or I'm toast! You have to have the 60% average between midterm and final to pass the class. There are 10000 points for the class, 2500 for midterm 2500 for final and the rest lab quizzes, essays and lesson quizzes.
    AND, I'm not sure if PC has this rule or not, but as in 156, you are not allowed to study with other students, etc.....
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  4. by   MacMaster
    Thanks AJhill00!

    For PC Students...what is the format like at PC? Can you take midterm/final on the weekend (for us fulltime working folks? I looked online, and it looks like their testing center is only open M-F. Or do you take you mid term and final test at home?
  5. by   ykrolick
    I took some courses at Rio and PC. I prefer to take any course at PC because it is much easier. Rio requires too much.
  6. by   inspiredRN10
    I am currently enrolled in BIO 202 at PC. I did BIO 201 at Rio, and that was...intense. I ended with a B, but that was the hardest class! I didn't want to stress myself out again. I know at PC the midterm and final are all at home, there are no testing centers. I am doing BIO 205 at Rio though. All of PC's online classes were all filled...
  7. by   MacMaster
    InspiredRN10...Thanks for info on PC tests being at home! I was frustrated when I looked at testing center hours since I work fulltime.

    I am thinking about emailing the 201 instructor at PC to see how the instructor handles the tests bc syllabus for the normal in person class taught by the instructor shows that the prof administers 6 in person tests! If I had to take time off 6 times for an online class to go in person to the testing center I would have no choice but to go to Rio!

    INspiredRN10...Do you feel like you are provided enough info in your 202 class online at PC to prepare for your tests? Also are the online labs at PC? ....on the flip side, do you feel the assignments at Rio helped you prepare for the tests in 201 (or were they just too intense for the sheer purpose of proving that you were particpating in the online class)? Thanks!
  8. by   inspiredRN10
    Well the 202 class at PC started this week. So I will keep you posted about how the first tests go, which is next week. A lot of the study time and lesson assignments seem to be done all online, in fact I had to purchase everything online for the class, which gave me a ton of access to online materials. The teacher stated that there are weekly assignments, all due on Saturdays, all at home.

    My issue with Rio was that I felt like I was never sent in the right direct to succeed fully. Like it isn't a student friendly set up. My teacher was awesome, really nice, and totally understood my frustration. They offer no extra credit, which is hard because it is a hard class! Midterm and final were both said to be over lesson objectives, I totally bombed the midterm, 68%. So for the final I reviewed all the lesson objectives and started about one month prior to the final, and I got a 75%. So I ended with a 80%, luckily. But even with all the study time I spent and reviewed, there were still questions on the final I don't even remember learning!

    I am a senior at ASU, and I have taken all but 2 of my credits online, so I consider myself to be able to handle online work, however Rio's set up it just really hard, it takes a lot and I mean a lot of your time and focus. It can be done, not impossible. I have to do it again for BIO 205 (which also started this week). But I figured I'd try a new route with PC and see where that got me. I hope it works out! The teacher and set up makes it seem like they want you to succeed and give you the right questions and study tips to make that happen.
  9. by   anon456
    I really feel that in person classes are so much easier-- plus you get hands-on instruction, interaction with classmates, study groups, etc. Is there a way you can take an in person class at a community college? They usually have night/weekend classes.
  10. by   arizonagirl

    If the Midterm and Final at PC are online, then they are basically open book, right?
    I just finished BIO 201 at Rio and it almost killed me. I barely passed and I am
    thinking about trying PC for BIO 202.
    What really annoyed me at RIO was the ungraded lab tests did not match with the
    test results and this really made the learning process difficult.

  11. by   patientlywaiting2008
    Quote from arizonagirl

    If the Midterm and Final at PC are online, then they are basically open book, right?
    I just finished BIO 201 at Rio and it almost killed me. I barely passed and I am
    thinking about trying PC for BIO 202.
    What really annoyed me at RIO was the ungraded lab tests did not match with the
    test results and this really made the learning process difficult.


    Hi Arizonagirl,

    I am currently taking an online class at Rio that allows for taking your midterm and final at home. All I can say is, don't be fooled into thinking that you can look up the answers in the book. I thought it would be a piece of cake. How difficult can a test a home be? Well...let me tell you...The test, at least at Rio, is timed and while you may have enough time to look up a couple of answers you don't have enough time to look up enough answers to pass the test. You still have to study and treat it just like any other test, otherwise you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.
  12. by   g33kgirl
    I am doing PC's Bio 201 right now and I love it! I would never ever take another online bio class from Rio. The labs and class are way more ineractive at PC too. Also, my class doesn't have a comprehensive midterm and final. There are four tests that each test you over about 4 chapters.
  13. by   arizonagirl
    Hi g33kgirl

    After taking BIO 201 at Rio, and reading your post, I think I will sign up for BIO 202 at PC as well.
    Have you had any tests yet? Are they reasonable? The tests at RIO are so strange, they are not in the same format than the Quizzes or Lab tests and they really catch you by surprise.
    Are these Chapter tests at home tests and are there any essays to write in this class?

  14. by   icesk8ermom
    I am looking to take Bio 201 online at another community college. I just finished Bio 156 at Rio and hated it. If you have taken Bio at PC or CAC (not sure which school this is but have seen several good posts) can you please PM me with good professors...and ones to avoid??

    Can you enroll in these classes at anytime like Rio?
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