Question about Clinical sites with Maricopa Nursing

  1. Sorry, if this has been asked before!...

    I am wondering if you get to choose your clinical sites when you start the Maricopa Nursing program (ADN or BSN/CEP). I live in Fountain Hills and I am just a short drive to the Mayo Clinic on Shea. Just wondering if you have the option to choose your clinical site or if it goes by CC college, GPA, or your location. My husband works at Banner and I know they of course do clinical there as well, but my dream job is with Mayo and I heard if you do your externship there then you get a little bit more of chance to get hired with them.

    I am just getting ready to apply for CEP in May...I have been on the waiting list for about a year and a half so if I don't get in I am guessing I will head for the waiting list letter in a year or two.

    Thank you for all your help!
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  3. by   AZMama86
    You don't get to choose where you do your clinicals. The school chooses where they are and you have to be able to travel to them. The clinical sites are usually around where the school is but not always. Sometimes they can be pretty far away from the school.
  4. by   KendallAZ
    Thank you!
  5. by   Hobberdog
    My first block I was in North Glendale and I live in East Mesa. After that, they try to get sites closer to where you live but I have never had input as to where I go.
  6. by   donovasu
    You get a choice at some schools, between a few sites as they usually can only take a certain number each day. I got to choose from two or three sites each block at GCC.