New sub-heading for AZ Nurses related to school only?

  1. 6 Could we possibly invent a new sub-heading for the AZ section for just school-related topics? Does anyone else agree? Thoughts please? :typing
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    Agreed; other states have that division.
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    I think that is more than appropriate...I can't believe working RN's need all of us students filling up page after page of our issues. I also think it would be beneficial for students who can be observers to see the questions and issues that come up in the real workplace in Arizona!
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    Thank you for the suggestion, am taking it to Staff for feedback/suggestions.
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    Please make the change!!

    I just graduated; but even when I was in school, I wanted to see what real, live nurses in AZ would share with us, not what other students were sharing.

    Thanks in advance

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    do to the growing "entry-levelers" like me i say yes...
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    Good idea
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    Confirmed by Admin: new AZ subforum AZ Nursing Schools Discussion (or something similar) should be up by midday 9/4/09.

    Thank you all for your input.
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    Might be a good idea to place the AZ Nursing School sub-header before the General AZ Nursing header in order to reduce the number of incorrect posts.
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    I agree some sort of change needs to be made. Many posts are still in the main section and not the school section. What can be done? It's still bogged down with school related posts and not just AZ nursing.

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