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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps. It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people... Read More

  1. by   wildcatchristie
    Quote from rachelsmith98
    Hello, all! I just got placed for CGCC Traditional for Fall as well! My date stamp was 6/11/10 8:06:00a. I am incredibly excited! A little worried since I have less than two weeks to get my paperwork done and get my books/supplies, etc. and I don't even have any of the info yet, yikes! I look forward to meeting you all and working with you soon!
    Congrat! i heard that if we don't have our books by the first day, they can drop us. Email me and I can get you a copy of the booklist. If you need the health and safety info go to the nursing website. You can find scrubs at Apparel Pro or even craigslist. I saw that someone was selling all their books who went through the first block this summer and is not continuing.
  2. by   rachelsmith98
    Thank you SO much for the info! If you can email me a copy of the book list, that would be fantastic! rachelsmith 98 @ yahoo .com (no spaces). Can't wait to get started!
  3. by   girliephx
    Hey, Jen H congrats!! We start Monday Aug 20th, sry for the late response. Im so glad to hear from some CGCC students before class starts! I missed orientation too, hopefully we will get up to speed on 1st day. Cant wait to meet everyone soon!Erica
  4. by   girliephx
    Congrats rachelsmith98! I am worried about getting everything done on such short notice as well! Cant wait! See u all soon! Erica
  5. by   ajhill00
    I just got placed today and start next week at SCC. my timestamp was 8/13/10 08:00:32
  6. by   twash10
    Yayyy congrats! That's so exciting! What school did you get into? My time date stamp is also 8/13/2010 but at 8:03 so it does look hopeful for me for January after all!!! Gotta start making plans!!
  7. by   jay_dee90
    Hey everyone! My date stamp is 12/10/10 8:00:36...I'm praying that I get placed for fall 2013 semester Atleast! Just wondering if anyone here near my date stamp been placed for spring 2013??
  8. by   rocknaz
    Hello! My time stamp is 12/10/10 8:01:20am... I was not originally placed for Spring 2013 but last week I received a call from the Maricopa Nursing program telling me a last minute spot had just opened up for Gateway CC evenings and lab started the following day at 5:30. I unfortunately has to turn it down and chose to continue waiting until the next placement. One day just simply wasn't enough notice to get prepared(no books, need to give work notice etc.) Plus Gateway (traditional) was my 4th choice. The nice lady did tell me to start getting prepped for next placement which will be happening some time in March. If you are around the same time stamp as I am, there is no doubt in my mind we will be placed for Fall 2013! The long wait is finally almost over good luck!
  9. by   jay_dee90
    Yes!!! I got the same call and also had to turn it down. Not enough notice, I would have been frazzled trying to get everything together. But iI am very excited for next fall!!
  10. by   rocknaz
    Quote from jay_dee90
    Yes!!! I got the same call and also had to turn it down. Not enough notice, I would have been frazzled trying to get everything together. But iI am very excited for next fall!!
    What schools are your top picks? Do you know how many people are ahead of us?
  11. by   jay_dee90
    My top choices are Mesa, Gateway, Glendale, phoenix and Scottsdale. All traditional program. What are yours? There arnt many ppl ahead of us. The person I spoke to said I was pretty much guaranteed placement next semester
  12. by   rocknaz
    Mine are Estrella, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gateway, Paradise Valley. Also all traditional! Well that's great news! So happy to see light at the end of the tunnel!
  13. by   jay_dee90
    Well said! Feels like I'm finally starting to do something with my life. Haha!