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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps. It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people will access this thread and... Read More

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    Hi all, I'm new to posting here but cruise the board every now and then. I was just placed on the waitlist this month 8/8/14 with a time of 08:00:42am.....anyone else on the recent waitlist? I was told current wait is two years, is this accurate?
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    I think it is around there or longer. If my friend has a time stamp of 08/13 and she has been waiting a year already and they are only on 06/12. If I were you and if you have time I would try to do the CEP program a few extra classes, but it is worth it and you get your BSN.

    Maricopa Community Colleges District Nursing Program
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    Thanks for the response!