Maricopa comm college CEP Applicants fall 2017

  1. Hi all!
    I applied at Glendale community college in January for CEP, for block 1 start in fall 2017, and summer university start. I choose GCC traditional cohort as my first choice along with NAU. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything back from maricopa or university about their acceptance ? I was reading people have received emails from the universities, I haven't received anything. Not sure if I should be concerned. Thanks!
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  3. by   taylormade26
    Hi! Yes, many of us have heard back from both university and community college placements. I received my acceptance letter on 2/22 to GWCC/NAU. I know I have seen lots of acceptances for GCC, EMCC, GWCC, MCC, SCC and PVCC. I think some people are still waiting for CGCC and Phoenix College. We had to return our contract by March 7, so I am assuming they will see who dropped out or deferred and then send out another round after mid March. Good luck!!
  4. by   Gmac12
    Thanks!! Really hoping I'm getting in second round
  5. by   ActiveBiology
    HI. I did receive an email from GCC/NAU. Ever since they are really pushing to get our contract back so they can fill the spots of those who have changed their mind or choose to defer. The deadline as taylormade26 said is March 7th. I hope you hear soon! The waiting is the hard part.
  6. by   Gmac12
    That makes sense. I'm hoping I get in the second round. hoping my gpa and hesi are good enough. Thanks for your positivity!
  7. by   taylormade26
    Well, just to give some hope- my GPA wasn't anything outstanding... I had a 3.45. HESI was a 95 avg, (92 math, 96 reading, 96 grammar, 98 vocab). I did have a previous degree and all of my pre reqs for NAU were completed so that might have helped by giving me priority. But I think your scores should be enough seeing as mine weren't crazy!! Good luck!
  8. by   Gmac12
    Thanks! That helps a lots. My gpa was 3.5 and I had enough credits to get a associates in arts awarded to me when I applied, but my hesi was a little low at 85.
  9. by   TiahnaThorson
    Hello! I am also waiting for my acceptance. I am hoping that people defer. I applied to the traditional program Jan 2016 so I am worried I will be accepted for the traditional and not CEP. I know there is the option of starting CEP after block 2. My gpa was 3.7 hesi scores math - 94 English -86. And I had 7 credits in progress for Nau. I didn't realize how competitive it has come now.
    Hoping we will get emails soon!
  10. by   Gmac12
    Your scores and gpa seem very good. I bet you it's just so competitive and not enough seats for the applicants
  11. by   KittenEars

    Can you clarify why you are worried about getting placed as Traditional? I've recently had some correspondence with district and a response to one of my questions led me to believe that IF we don't make the cut for CEP this round that we may still get placed as a Traditional? Is that what you mean by your above statement?

  12. by   LivinOnIce
    Haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping to hear something on the second round, but I'm not holding my breath. The counselor all but made it seem like it was a sure shot for me so I was all excited. I had a 94 cumulative on Hesi, 3.6GPA which was dragged down by my English grade from 8 years ago I was a communications class short of qualifying for AJEC, but the way the counselor made it sound, didn't think I would need it. I don't blame her, the CEP must have been much more competitive this year than prior years. Lesson learned for any future schools I apply for post-nursing.

    In the meantime, I figure I'll finish up CRNA pre-reqs (Physics and OChem) this coming semester if I don't get into the CEP.
  13. by   lillymota

    I applied and got accepted to the GCC/NAU evening cohort with a 3.2 GPA, 90 overall HESI score, all pre-requisites completed, and a previous associates degree. My first choice was the traditional cohort BUT now that I think about it I think the evening cohort is better suited for someone like myself who has a bad habit of oversleeping in the morning.
  14. by   NWMURSE
    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the same boat as a few of you, I haven't recieved any word back. The big concern/question I have is how are they selecting people? I know from speaking with a few classmates and seeing various HESI and GPA scores that I have, and many of you have better marks then folks that got accepted. ( in some cases by ALOT) I'm starting to wonder if the selection process is a bit more random than they are leading on. Anyways not to detract from those that have received acceptance, its just frustrating.