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I have a decision to make I leave Arizona for Colorado? I love the hospital I work for here, but that's the only thing keeping me in Arizona any longer. I've found a job in Colorado,... Read More

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    Quote from dhammo01
    I have a decision to make I leave Arizona for Colorado? I love the hospital I work for here, but that's the only thing keeping me in Arizona any longer. I've found a job in Colorado, so I guess it's time to say goodbye and part my ways with Arizona. Arizona used to be a great state to live in, and now it has deteriorated so much.
    i don't know what to do either. part of me wants to flee, and the other part wants to stay and fight to make this state better again. i'm stuck here though because my kids' dad lives here and i won't separate them. unfortunately it's at the risk of giving them a terrible public education and a huge lack of services for one of my kids who has learning differences.
    if i had a job offer and no ties to az, i'd get out of here immediately.
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    There are several Banner Fellows that have not gotten jobs yet. Today, we received a letter from Banner stating that if Accchs is cut, there are approx. 14000 health care jobs at stake in AZ. Yikes!!!
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    I made the decision to move from AZ to CO last spring, and haven't regretted it!

    Especially if you have a job offer, I'd say go for it!

    With all the shenanigans going on in AZ over the past year, we are really glad we left.
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    Is that if AHCCCS is cut completely or the scheduled cuts in Sept? I would assume that would be for all of healthcare is AHCCCS goes away completely. Although I am sure that the 120,000 that are losing services in Sept will affect healthcare jobs in AZ!
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    Sounds like the AZ budget is still up in the air. The senate republicans just passed stiffer AHCCCS cuts than Brewer wanted. But now Brewer wants to cut reimbursement rates. Looks bleak here with the new hospital bed tax, newly proposed reduced reimbursement rates, and more uninsured. Healthcare providers will be forced to leave the state even if they're lucky enough to have employment. Many other healthcare workers will lose employment. Gawd only knows what will happen to AZ hospitals.

    The only good thing would be a sound AZ budget and a chance for quicker economic turnaround with new business attraction, jobs, and improved home values. In the mean time AZ healthcare and education will suffer.

    I really like CO but checking state by state 2011 rankings of budget deficits shows Colorado being slightly worse off than AZ. CO's projected deficit is 13.8% of it's 2011 spending versus AZ's 11.8%. Some states I'd love to move to could go bankrupt.
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    Thanks for the info kabin. I actually decided I will stick it out here. I'm actually gonna move in with my buddy to save some money, and just ride 2012 out. I'm very curious how it will all play out for us in AZ.
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    The letter we received was in regard to removing the 250,000 from AHCCCS that was being proposed. They state it will cause a $100 million deficit just in our hospital system. I don't understand how they can cut coverage and then tell the hospitals they have to treat everyone regardless of ability to pay? I don't know how the hospitals will be able to stay in business here. I just bought a house, the thought of trying to sell it to move somewhere else is scary.
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    Just curious, is Banner forgiving you of any contract or stipulation that your schooling had as far as working for them or owing them for your education?
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    No...since I got a position with them, I am still under contract. Several of my classmates did get a letter forgiving them of their contract since they were unable to get a job with Banner. They would have rather had a job, though.
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    I just can't believe how in just a few short years, the job market switched gears like it has! So incredible and incredibly sad for those who have invested so much time and $. But, I am sure things will be brighter just ahead!
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