How long to get AZ RN endorsement?

  1. Hello. Indiana nurse here wondering if anyone has an estimate for me on how long it took them to get their AZ endorsement? I sent my packet in about a month ago, still have not received the fingerprint packet.
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  3. by   montecarlo64
    I am also an Indiana nurse who is considering relocation to a warmer climate such as Arizona or Nevada. That seems like a long time for not getting a response. Have you started applying for jobs yet and how much experience do you have? I have been an RN (Associates) for 3 years and I was a LPN for 17 years prior to RN. Good luck to you & I hope you get your fingerprint packet soon
  4. by   montinurse
    I just got the fingerprint card last week, mailed out today since I had to wait til Wed night for someone at the jail to do them. I've had 4 years ASN experience, 3 of those being in the ICU. 9 mos med/surg, and 3 years as an LPN in a cardiac office and LTC. This is somewhat of a second career for me, prior military (non-medical rate).
    I haven't started applying yet. I have 3 weeks vacation saved, so I'm wanting a job towards the end of July. We will be totally moved June 26. I can't believe we're actually making the move! I'm excited yet nervous.
    I have a feeling I will need to do an address change form and an application for a temporary license.
    Thanks for the reply!
  5. by   Momofboysx3
    In the same boat, I've been waiting for my license for new grad ( az license and az college) to be updated from "education pending" for nearly a month now. It's all a hurry up and wait process. Hope things speed up for ya!!!
  6. by   montecarlo64
    Thank you for your service, Montinurse! I am glad things are progressing...With your experience, you should have no problem finding a job. Good luck with the move & the new adventure in the southwest! I am sure the sunshine & warm days will be welcomed site instead of the gloomy, gray Indiana winters (and other seasons, too)!
  7. by   ambermulan
    I submitted an application towards the end of April with my fingerprint card on the same day and just received my permanent license last week. They said that from the time that your fingerprints are submitted it takes about 4-6 weeks.
  8. by   starmickey03
    So you waited a month for your fingerprint card? That seems like such a long time. I have two other licenses and neither process moved as slow as this one. I submitted my application in mid May and am still waiting for the fingerprint card. They charged my credit card at the beginning of the month so I dont understand why its taking so long just to get the card. ::sigh::

    I just want to get this thing moving so I can start applying for jobs and get this relocation over with.
  9. by   starmickey03
    Got my fingerprint card today. Gonna go get my prints done and send it right in. Hopefully I'll get my license next month sometime.
  10. by   montinurse
    AZBN just posted my license number a few nights ago, so I estimate it took about 3 months Now for the fun part-interviews! Any help/advice would be appreciated. I'm not even sure what I want to do. ICU experience but may want to try something new. Good luck all!