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GCU question about pre reqs

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    Do any of you know if I am only missing COM 270, Can I submit the application OR do you have to have it complete first?? The admissions counselor told me it was my only course missing but I wasn't sure if I could still submit the application....

    Thank You !
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    You can still apply. COM 270 is the only one you can have in progress while applying. You just need to complete before you begin classes at GCU. I'm taking it this summer at PVCC and my enrollment counselor said I can still apply.
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    Yes, you can still apply. You will have to have COM 270 completed before you start the actual program though.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey I'm new to the site, I am accepted to fall 2012 nursing program at scottsdale and looking for insight? Is the program good for the money? How do you like the instructors? Labs, clinicals? Is financial aid/advisors awful as I've heard? Any/all words of wisdom would be great! Thanks!
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    Where did you get info on the pre-reqs for this program? I cannot find any info on the site and they said it can take up to two days for a counselor to call me back about it! Can someone message me any info they have please?
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    KendallAZ I have a counselor from gcc & he is amazing. He gets back to me within the hour after I email him. Go to the website & request info. They'll send you an email about the dates & times for an info session & go from there.
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    I don't see COM 270 listed is it something else at the CC level?
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    Com 270 is only offered at 3 cc. Go to your student center & when you search for classes, leave the institution blank.
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    I just took it at MCC.