GCC/NAU Cohort 8/12 Application Session

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    Is anyone else attending this application session? I am and I'm just wondering something....as most of us...I've been waiting on this list forever and I'm not entirely sure my NET scores are even good anymore. Does anyone know the answer to this question...will they just accept your scores because you are on the wait list or will I have to now take the Hesi? I suppose I'd find out on Friday but I thought someone might know.


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    I was just wondering if anyone has any insight on how the application session went today.
    Did they give any inclination as to when they would make their decisions?
    Did you ever get an answer about if NET/HESI scores expire?
    Finally, did anyone mention how many applications they had accepted?
    I went to the session in May, but didn't submit my application until June, after I finished my last two classes. At the June session it did not appear that they had accepted a lot of completed applications. I am so anxious to find out, I can't stand it. My time stamp is May 2010, so I figure if I don't make it I will have at least a year to wait. I am done with all of my classes, and I am afraid of being bored to death.
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    They told me that the decisions would be made this week. The one class starts on Sept 29th so they want to get everyone enrolled and set up asap. So, hopefully that means you'll hear this week too. Good Luck!
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    BSN BOUND thank you so much for letting me know and good luck to you too.
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    Does anyone know when the next session is? Also bumping for the answer to the question about the NET/HESI scores expiring.
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    Oh...I forgot to add the NET/HESI question. If your already on the wait-list your score is grandfathered so you don't need to do anything...even if your test is expired like mine.
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    Anyone else received an acceptance letter yesterday???
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    Congratulations Lizzyru! I am hoping to get mine soon. Does anyone know how the first cohort is doing - the one that started this summer?
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    I got an acceptance letter Saturday It said to enroll into NAU to do the NUR330 class and will being doing the Nursing Program at Gateway Spring 2012! This is a great program
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    I received an acceptance letter via email yesterday MCC - as did my sister-in-law...

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