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One of my friends told me that Gateways nursing program is having some issues. Here is the issue: Students are being failed by instructors who are actually passing the test. They will take a test and answer the questions then... Read More

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    Thank you so much for your reply, I signed the papers and faxed them off, so I guess only time will tell if I make it or not! I was so excited when I got accepted FINALLY that I didnt really think about anything else accept that I was finally in. I will pray that I can handle all of the load with a sick Mother.

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    i was the same way ...super excited to FINALLY get in! just a warning on the cost of books - they are $1200.00!!!! it was a shock for me when i was told i HAD to buy their books. ive seen some books listed on craigslist for way cheaper though.

    oh, and if you get asley and peter for block 1 - LOVED them. they were great - helpful, motivating, fun. it was a great start to nursing school. let me know if you have any questions - i'd be happy to help!

    one more thing to eveyone with questions on the 'part time' option - clinicals are on FRIDAY or saturdays. there IS a possiblity that even if you REQUEST a saturday you'd have to do a friday. i know it was a big problem for people in our class.
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    Well you must be a really strong person to do it with twins!! That is alot on your plate =) Thank you so much for your help, is there anything I should study in the next few months to prepare?? What happens in the first semester? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to prepare myself. I will also look into the books, thanks for the heads up.
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    errr...just erased my response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ok, so the short version of my reply.... : )
    i think we started out with the lab portion....if that was the case - we used the Kozier text - you'll need to memorize vitals, and the head to toe assessment. youtube has some great examples. you'll need to know whats normal so that you can id whats abnormal. you'll be focusing on geriatrics, so focus on that population. know how, where to give meds - IM, subq, IV, insulin. not sure what your background is, but if you are starting from 0 nursing exp thats where id start.
    hope this helps.
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    I am already a CNA so that may help a little=) thanks so much for your help and good luck in your final semester.
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    Hi Guys!

    I am currently completing some general education and MCCD pre-requisites at Rio Salado CC, just when I am done taking BIO, FON, and CHM with them, I will be transferring to GateWay CC and apply for their nursing program.

    Well, I really have a ton of questions so please bear with my stupidity , they are the ff:
    - I am still wondering if I have to take CRE101?
    - How long is GateWay's nursing program waiting list?
    - When aspiring to enter ASU's BSN program should I complete a AAS in Nursing at GateWay first?

    Any helpful suggestions/ comments that I need to know upon applying to their nursing program?

    I will immensely appreciate your responses! Good luck to all!
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    - I am still wondering if I have to take CRE101? you can test out. i took a test at Rio and didnt have to take the course.
    - How long is GateWay's nursing program waiting list? 18 months seemed to be the average wait time.
    - When aspiring to enter ASU's BSN program should I complete a AAS in Nursing at GateWay first? this is my plan too. from what ive read it all transfers over. ive heard that asu's program is more difficult than gateways, so it makes more sense to me.

    Any helpful suggestions/ comments that I need to know upon applying to their nursing program? if you're flexible with placements and are bilingual you MAY get in sooner. also, would suggest taking your CO reqs while you wait. you'll need any extra time to focus on the nursing classes.
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    I'm just curious, how old were your twins when you began nursing school? My twins are 15 months and I am starting my last pre-req class this summer before I can apply to nursing school. I'm anxious to see how other moms of twins handle the work load of nursing school while still finding time to spend with the twins. Is there a balance?

    Thanks =)

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    twins -yay!!!

    my boys turned 1 the weekend before i started. it has been hard to find a balance with home life. if anything though they arent feeling the effects as much as my husband is! we basically dont see each other, and honestly, its been pretty tough on our relationship. i stay home with the boys, and as a mom of twins you know nothing gets done during the day! so i study after they go to sleep, so usually about 8-ish - 100am : ). its a bumpy ride, but its def do-able! ive had no family help (dont live out here), no day care, zero nursing/heath care exp. and am def not the best student - just takes some dedication!

    def. take the co reqs while you're waiting to get in. some of my classmates didnt and found it hard to do all the nursing work plus micro and whatever other classes needed.

    if you ever need any help, let me know - gotta stick together and help out twin mommies!!

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