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has anyone ever went to or no anything about this school out of Phoenix Az?????:bugeyes: Please help me out if you know anything at all Thank you... Read More

  1. by   ErinRN2B
    An Everest location was discussed in the Frontline episode "College, Inc." I think it was in Florida. Three former nursing students are now suing the school because of misrepresentation; they said that their peds clinical was in a daycare - among other things.

    Use your best judgment when it comes to these schools.
  2. by   sharonLeighc
    Well it is scary though because Rio Salado school also lost their accreditation too - thar is part of our community college system.... With the wait lists so long at the community colleges, it is going to get really bad if they will now be losing thier accreditation.
  3. by   NP Sam
    Peds clinical in a daycare? WOW that is unbelievable:flmngmd:
  4. by   Miwila
    Anything is believable when it comes to Everest. Once they get that government money for placing your body in one of their classes, they don't care if you learn or not. They don't care if you're eventually able to find a job or not. I wonder if one of the reasons the government is finally starting to scrutinize these places is because too many graduates are defaulting on their student loans because they can't find jobs (not because of the economy, because of this second-rate "education").
  5. by   aimhealth
    You know, some of us are on this site to gain accurate information in order to make important decisions. Those of you that make comments based on rumors, assumptions and opinions based on commercials are not helping.
  6. by   PacoUSA
    The commercials that Everest currently (and incessantly) run on TV clearly do not convey the message that they are anything close to a reputable school. The people used in these commercials are the face of the institution, they seriously don't motivate me in the least to attend Everest. If Everest intends to present themselves as a quality institution, they need to severely clean up their TV presence, or get rid of it altogether. That factor alone creates a mockery of the school and the programs. The fact that they even approve such commercials to air makes me suspect that their education and administration are crap. I'd be embarrassed to have that school on my resume!

    If a school has to run commercials on TV hundreds of times a day to recruit students, it's clear that they are after one thing and one thing only: YOUR MONEY. In terms of a nursing education, they basically prey on the desperate folks that are getting impatient with waiting lists and the competiton at the state schools. Any hopeful nurse that aspires to go on to graduate work in nursing knows better than to begin their career at this school.

    The important decision that needs to be made? RUN the other way! But then again, it's not my money that you're going to spend
  7. by   aimhealth
    Whether or not I agree with you about the commercials, my point is that if I wanted to hear a rant about cheaply made commercials or speculations about what they're after, I could go on pretty much any discussion site to do that. Your little tirade is not relevant in terms of proven statistics or facts about hiring or passing rates, etc. Btw, I'm not a student there, going to be a student there or an employee there. But you posters who jump on here with your random opinions aren't useful in giving proven information or sharing personal experience there as a student or potential student. I'm pretty sure people seriously considering attending that school aren't interested in speculations. THEY can do that! When you come up with some proven facts, statistics or personal experience THEN please DO share.
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  8. by   PacoUSA
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