Critical Requirements for the BSN program of ASU

  1. Hello,

    I am almost halfway through with my pre-requisites for the traditional BSN program of ASU. I was wondering if you guys could help me out into choosing the best "Humanities/Fine Arts (HU) or Social Behavioral Science (SB)" and "Elective" courses that are transferable to ASU. I will be taking the classes at Rio Salado College.

    I will really appreciate any help, thank you!!
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    HCR 210 Clinical Healthcare Ethics satisfies the HU requirements for the program. HCR 230 Culture and Health satisfies cultural diversity and global awareness (C,G) requirements.

    Any of the Sociology and Psychology courses satisfy the SB requirements You should have pretty much all of those covered with the pre-reqs though. Don't they require Psy101 and Dev Psy?
  4. by   pre-ASUstudent
    hi azmomo2!

    i have already taken hcr210 (clinical health care ethics), hcr230 (culture and health), psy101 (introduction to psychology), and psy240 (human development). i think i can't use hcr210 and psy101/psy240 as the hu/sb critical requirements because they cover different critical requirement courses.
    please see the link below for the classes to see what i mean.

    i am thinking of taking psy260 as the "humanities/fine arts (hu)" requirement, but i am still undecided for the "elective" course requirement.
    thank you so much for your reply!
  5. by   pre-ASUstudent
    I have just enrolled to SOC101 for the "(SB)" course requirement.
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    I suggest talking to an academic adviser at Rio, they do have a matriculation agreement to ASU and can advise you better on how your credits stack up with the ASU graduation requirements for general education.

    Electives are any course within any of the general education subject titles that are in the 100 level or higher and are credit based. I was told that my 6 credit CNA class from CAC would count under electives for ASU.
  7. by   toy85
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  8. by   Hobberdog
    All you need are the courses listed on the BSN checklist. Nothing more. Here is the link.