CHM 130 At Rio😏

  1. 0Hello! I am new here and exploring nursing as the next chapter in my life. I took Chemistry 130 at Rio Salgado online. I did great on all the assignments but bombed the midterm and final. My final grade hasn't posted an it could possibly be a Low C grade but I am already considering retaking the course. I am debating taking Chemistry 130 on the net through Rio again. I wanted to see what your experiences were with this class and whether you wish you had taken it in person. I Had major issues with the instructor who was never available and took a week to grade assignments. Can u send me the name of a great online chm instructor who can help more with the mid and final prep? I'm gunna attempt the eight week again. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Union-Jack
    Hey there - I took this same class, and I struggle too. It is not an easy class online, especially if you are not very good with chemistry (which I'm not! LOL!). In person would be much easier, IMO. However, for me, online was my only option due to other commitments and work etc. so I just had to make the best of it. My instructor was a very, very tough marker - I mean, if you were even a small bit wrong, you would lose all your points. Did you take the lab too?

    In summary - if you can take this class in person, I would suggest doing so, but if you can't then just knuckle down and try your best.
  4. by   Mrs.Bookworm
    Never took Chem online or in AZ for that matter but if you do retake I suggest using rate my professor to find out about the teacher you may have before sign up for their class. (not all teacher are on that site)
  5. by   LivinOnIce
    Chemistry is a very enjoyable class if you find the right professor. If by chance you live in the East valley, take the course again with ----------------. I took 152 with him a while ago and he was hands down one of the best professors I have had the pleasure to learn from. He teaches courses 130, 151, and 152.
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