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i would love to hear about anyone's personal experiences with chamberlain college of nursing here in phoenix. what are your reasons for choosing this college, likes & dislikes, pro's & con's i saw the thread on here talking... Read More

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    Quote from Chica17
    Funny. Look who is being sensitive. I think in life many people say things you don't like, not just in the "nursing world" and if you would read other post maybe she is so knowledgeable on everything because she GOES to the school. I'm just sick of people being rude. And by the way, I go to school with her and no she does not work there and so what if she did??! You made a comment and I commented back. Take it the way you want, and hopefully not so "personal" this time.

    Since no one can tell the tone of a post, I'll pretend I can. I wasn't being rude, but since you didn't see the little joker face I put next to my post, I'll just take it that you read it so fast therefore not realizing how I meant that. I have exchanged info with mystyque many times, and I know she is in school. Hey guess what, I AM in school too. I have thick skin, and your post doesn't ruffle any of MY feathers. LOL I find your posts amusing...but I'm movin on...

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    I've asked this question on another part of the forum but got no response. Have any of you that have completed the 3 yr BSN program received employment in any Phoenix metro hospitals...? I was curious if these hospitals employ Chamberlain graduates. I have not been able to get a straight answer from advisers at Chamberlain. Thx...
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    Quick and simple answer.... Yes.

    It all depends on your ambition as a student.

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