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Hello, everyone! I submitted my application for the accelerated Summer 2010 program at ASU awhile ago, but I just realized that the February 1st deadline was coming up and wanted to see if anyone else here on Read More

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    @ittran~ I bought ebooks the first semester and it was way more costly than purchasing them on Amazon. They were great because you could easily look up specific words on assignments, the program has the ability to read to you (though not well) and they also came with the my nursing lab (which you can get separately). Since then I haven't bought them because the expense is just ridiculous!

    If I were to do it all over again, I probably wouldn't have bought them. I've gotten by without it for the past two semesters just fine and to tell you the truth, most people don't even read them. We typically only use them for citing or to look up specific items that you don't understand.

    Hope that helps! Congrats & Good luck! It will be hard at times, but it will fly by in no time.

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    900 dollars is ridiculous. I regret even paying the 400-500 dollars I spent when I started the program. The only benefit to getting the package (which didn't always have all of the books we needed) is the addition of the textbooks online, which were nice for searching and referencing, but not worth the extra money you pay to save a few minutes paging through a textbook that you may or may not actually read. since my first semester, I haven't bought the package and things have gone smashingly.

    ^highly opinionated. your experiences may vary.
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    I would sugest buying it. I know it is a rip off but in my opinion the e-books save so much time in when you have to find a citation. Congrats on getting in!!!!
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    Hello! Sorry to bug you all since you've all graduated now, but I just have a quick question!

    I was recently accepted into the BSN program for Spring 2012 Does ASU care what stethoscope we use throughout the program? And also, are we able to buy those awesome white pants (sarcasm completely intended) from other vendors, or does it have to be through ASU?

    Thanks! And I hope all of your nursing careers are going awesomely!
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    Also - does it matter what color our stethoscope is? I really want a purple one, but I know it will kind of clash with the uniform!

    Thanks, and I'm sorry to be the totally over-eager nursing student! I'm just so excited!
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    Color or type of stethoscope doesn't matter, mines pink and several people had bright orange. Also you can buy the white pants from other places but apparel pro gives asu students 25% off. Congrats on getting in and good luck
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    Thanks so much for the information, Tarabara! And thank you as well for not minding me posting in your thread!
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    Hey averageanglophile!

    I got in for the Spring 2012 program too! I'm extremely anxious and have read this entire thread to get an idea of what to expect! Congratulations!
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    You're welcome usually CCNS (college council of nursing students) pairs up a jr 1 with a student further along in the program to help provide info and answer questions but for some reason the last 2 students I was paired with never responded or asked me any questions. Idk why because I would have loved that if I was offered it during my jr 1 semester. So if you have any questions now or throughout the program feel free to ask here or message me on here and I'd be happy to help
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    Thanks so much, Tarabara! I have so many questions, but I want to wait and see if they're answered at the welcome meeting in December before I bug you with all of them!

    And hi, plysikow! I started a thread for all new ASU Spring 2012 nursing students, but nobody has replied! Maybe you and I can get things going on there?

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