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  1. DollB

    I Wasn't Called to Nursing, I Just Showed Up

    Thank you for sharing the beginning of your journey. I truly believe you are going to just revel as a nurse. Your story actually sounds very similar to mine; I, too, began as a CNA. To this day, I feel being a CNA was more difficult than being a practicing RN. I commend you for sticking through the difficult times, your experience will only make you a stronger, compassionate nurse. Good luck to you!
  2. DollB

    Exactly 2 weeks before NCLEX-RN Exam Day!! Yay!

    good luck! you're going to do great, those are great scores!
  3. DollB

    Options are all correct in a SATA question?

    Hi there, the Kaplan course taught us the rule of thumb for SATA questions is at least 2 and never all. Hope this helps =)
  4. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    I am FLOORED! I feel so bad that it has gone up so much for you guys. I wonder if they added more books to it but from what I remember, I only had to pay around $400-500 for my JR1 package. I, too, remember a lot of ppl who didn't purchase the bundle wishing they had because purchasing the ebooks separately was such a hassle for them. I bought the bundle in JR1 because it was just a little less off my back to worry about, and then for the proceeding semesters I just bought books off of Amazon as they were much cheaper. I guess I'm trying to say if you can dish out the $900 I would get it just because the ebooks that comes with it is indeed helpful and it's a lot less of a hassle esp. it being the first semester of the program. I hope that was helpful =) Good luck!
  5. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    Yes, definitely concentrate on the powerpoints and don't stress about the other drugs the book mentions that aren't on the powerpoints....you'll truly end up wanting to strangle yourself by over-studying. If it's just listed and not mentioned in detail, I wouldn't even worry about it, and like you said, just know which class it is listed under (no need to go into detail about it on your own). In the powerpoints does it just have a little info on antipsychotic drugs even though no specific drug is listed? If so, I PERSONALLY, would just know what the powerpoint says and not worry about the dugs. For example, the powerpoint may not have any specific drugs on antianxiety meds but may have that they are are different in their onset, duration, and use...then I would know just that. This is what I would PERSONALLY do, I really didn't over-study for this class at all...but mind you, although I made an A, it was borderline B. So, you can study harder and make that solid A or you can relax a little and can get a B or possibly A.
  6. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    We didn't have to make "med cards" but maybe it's just a suggestion to help you study. It definitely helps if you can see all the info at a single glance by putting on an index card: the class, generic name, trade name, contraindication/precautions, category/schedule, dose, routes, etc. and all that. I remember I used to make grids and that helped me tons because if I didn't remember something specifically, I can remember where it was written on a grid (esp. if I grouped it in 3's because I can remember if things were written in the first, middle, or last box...just something I did on my own) and that helped me connect things together, I hope that makes sense. To me, the 310 exams were the most unpredictable. You're definitely right that it's not all going to be straightforward from memorization. It's going to be questions like from the NET exam, where you really have to think, haha. I remember I thought I did so well on the first one but ended up making an 80, if I had missed 2 more I would've failed! Then on one that I honestly thought I did awful on and pretty much felt like I failed, I actually did great. Some of it comes from what you learn/do hands-on in 320 (lab) because the classes tie in together. Pretty much, read the questions carefully. If it asks for assessment, make sure the answer is an assessment not something that would fit into "planning" or "evaluation". The answer is never something a doctor would do, it'll always be from a nurse's standpoint. Just think of the NET, if there are 2 opposites, most likely it's one of the two; if there's an answer that is considerably longer than the others, it's probably that one because it umbrella's the others, etc. I hope this helps! Good luck on the vital signs competency! =)
  7. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    The second pharm exam is definitely not on the same level as the first...make sure to study very well for that.
  8. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    Hahaha. Thanks for the welcome and I'm a JR2 =).
  9. DollB

    ASU Summer 2010 Program Applicants

    Hi everyone! I just found out about this site from tttt (we were in the same learning community) and have spent probably the past hour and a half reading from the very beginning lol. I just wanted to say CONGRATS, it's going to be hell, but you are going to love it at the same time. Just keep in mind that you're presently making memories that you'll look back on and smile about. So enjoy every moment =). I only have 3 tips: Don't fret about the readings. If you find that it helps and you have the time, by all means, do it. You'll absolutely gain extra info that way. If you don't have the time or hate reading (like I do), you'll be fine. I made good grades w/o reading a dang thing. I'm definitely not bragging, I'm actually envious, I wish I liked reading but I just can't seem to stay awake for certain materials. My other tip is, the final project when you're caring for your own LTC resident, DON'T PROCRASTINATE. I remember seeing tttt walk into class the day it was due and I couldn't help but crack up, YOU WERE A MESS, LOL. I, too, stayed up the whole night before and got done only 45 minutes before I had to leave the house. Never again. The third thing is, learn to accept that B's are good and to expect C's. A's aren't necessary. We're in the program now, no need to be in the competitive mindset of making perfect grades. I'm still working on trying to accept this fact myself. I'm looking forward to coming here to see how you guys are doing and to help out with any questions. Good luck and have fun! =)