ASU Post-Bacc Nursing Program 2013 - page 8

Hello out there! Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASUís Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of 2012 is more than welcome to... Read More

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    I'm in!!! See you guys on the 12th!!

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    Ugh! My packet is missing page 2 about the drug screening requirements. Is anyone willing to email that page to me? dak85016 AT cox DOT net ? Thanks!
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    Did you get it ziggy?
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    Thanks! I received your email. I really appreciate it!
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    Hi Everybody-

    I just wasted 15 minutes trying to figure out where to post the health insurance info on It goes under your immunization record (which still will say complete, BTW), but when you click on your record, it will have a spot for health insurance.

    Not sure if anybody else will have trouble figuring that out, but I figured it couldn't hurt to pass the info along.

    Hope it helps!!
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    congrats everyone!!! see you guys on the 12th!!!
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    Hi all! Just found the forum while looking for parking situations on the 12th. Anyone plan on taking the light rail to class? Does anyone know if all our classes are in the NHI buildings? Cant wait to meet everyone!
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    I heard some classes are in NHI and some in Mercado.
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    Hi. Does anyone know if classes run all day or just half day? My childcare situation backed out, and I need to find new care. Any clue??
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    I looked up the course list in the general catalog and they're all offered in the early morning and late afternoon. Not sure if additional classes will be added, we'll be segregated into am or pm, or if we do clinicals BETWEEN am and pm. I just hope theyre grouped together because of the commute!

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