Anyone take Bio202 at Rio?

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    The reason I'm asking is I'm studying for the midterm right now and my instructor gave us a 'focus guide' to study from. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of info we 'need' to know for the midterm compared to what the lesson plan usually has. I took 201 through Rio and remember how the midterm and the final were, it just seemed with them that I hadn't studied the right info (even though I did pretty good on them, thanks to the essay portion). Unfortunately, my instructor is very hard on the essay portion so I can't really count on getting the complete 20 points there.
    Did your instructors give you this same 'focus guide' and if so was studying that enough to do well on the midterm?

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    That is a negative on that. Nope, no "focus" thingie. Just the explanation of how the midterm would be set up.

    Rio's tests are big time yuck. Best advice? Memorize the essays, or atleast have something to say on each. That is your best gaurantee. I studied like you and still felt that I had studied the wrong things. But I think most everyone feels that way. I did well anyways as I am sure you will too. Good Luck to you!!!
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    :hatparty: Just wanted to say that I passed my midterm!!!! Whoo hooo

    Didn't do as good as I hoped, only got a 55, but I'm pretty sure I got all the essays so that gives me a 75. Hopefully I can pull a B out of this class now.
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    See........................I told you so!!!! Great job!!:hatparty: :hatparty:

    Thanks for comin' back to tell me!
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    Anytime, thanks for replying to my posts, sometimes it seems so hard to get information when you're in the process of trying to get into nursing school. It's nice to have this forum, just wish more students and potential students were on it.

    Did you hear that Gateway is offering a new part-time, evening program? My friend got a letter in the mail about it.
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    What was the midterm like? I will be starting the class next month.
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    Congrats on passing the midterm! I took BIO 156, 201, 202, and 205 through Rio, so I remember well how difficult they can be.

    Good luck on getting all your prereqs out of the way!
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    Klone- Thanks. I actually am in my last pre-req class and applied for nursing school in June. I'm hoping to get into the Spring nursing program, probably at Glendale (part-time), I think you're already in that program, right? It's been a long road getting these classes done, I figured since I already have a BS most of my pre-req's would be covered, wrong! I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel though. Is the program at Glendale really hard? What are your hours if you weren't taking any co-req's? I'm taking FON and patho in the fall to get them out of the way, and that's all the pre-req's I need.

    Eelyak- The midterm and the final for Bio202 are both very difficult. It takes a lot of dedication to study in your own time, but it's doable. My biggest tip would be to study really hard and get to know all the systems each week, and refresh the systems you've already learned from past weeks, every week so that you're not bogged down when it's time to study for the midterm. There's a LOT of information you need to know, and it's not just memory, it's more application for a lot of the questions. Also, learn your summarize your learning ?'s like the back of your hand. I really felt I nailed them, but my instructor still docked me 4.5 points (he's a tough one). Also, there's one instructor that is really really hard, PM me and I'll tell you which one to avoid.

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    I'm actually up north at Yavapai College in Prescott. 10 more months!!
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    Sorry, my bad. Congrats on 10 more months!!

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