RN/MA role in ob/gyn clinic

  1. I work as a coordinator in a very small ob/gyn clinic. Ambulatory care is new to me as I've worked inpatient for 20 years. I'm trying to get the clinic to run more efficiently and wondering what sorts of job responsibilities you have the MA vs. RN do? Who does the rooming? What sorts of education do your nurses do? I do the triage calls, prior auths and day to day operations to make sure the clinic runs smoothly as well as learning what each employee does so I can fill in when we are short.
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  3. by   DistrictNurse19
    Hello, I have worked ambulatory care in the past. The MAs did the rooming and such things as immunizations, vital signs, etc. RNs did the triage, phone calls, and injectable meds such as pain meds, steroids etc. RNs would also room patients if an MA was not available. Hope this helps.
  4. by   Amethya
    Pretty much what DistrictNurse said, we do the simple things, charting, vital signs and such, but it also depends on your state. I live in Texas and as such anything a nurse can do I can do if I get the training for it from a physician or a NP, I can do medications and injections of any kind as well, but it has to be under a supervision of a NP or physician. Most doctor's office I worked at had MA and Nurses doing the same things. As I said, it highly depends on the state.
  5. by   ivyleaf
    In our offices, same as district 9. Rnsmainly do phone triage and prenatal nursing intakes.
  6. by   needlesmcgeeRN
    OP - are you a nurse? Telephone triage should be done by someone with a clinical background.
  7. by   deann52
    This is an older thread but at Kaiser, I (RN) do advise calls, telephone triage, NST's, all teaching, and then fill in anywhere else. LVN's do injections and procedures. MA's do all the rooming, routine appointment booking, small in room procedure assists and simple calls. Hope that helps.

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