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  1. DistrictNurse19

    RN/MA role in ob/gyn clinic

    Hello, I have worked ambulatory care in the past. The MAs did the rooming and such things as immunizations, vital signs, etc. RNs did the triage, phone calls, and injectable meds such as pain meds, steroids etc. RNs would also room patients if an MA was not available. Hope this helps.
  2. DistrictNurse19

    Pseudo Seizures

    I have had a female teen who has had several pseudoseizures--all occur when she is upset or just looking for attention. They look so real sometimes!
  3. DistrictNurse19

    Self Harm Patients

    Taped tp the bottom of their feet; in their mouth, and unfortunately in the vagina.
  4. DistrictNurse19

    Nurse patient ratio

    We have an adult unit with 57 patients. Nurses take anywhere from 12-17 patients--way too many but we are so short-staffed. Our adolescent unit has 23 patients, each nurse has 7-8 patients each. We are lucky to have 4-6 MHTs...it gets really bad if we have a few 1:1 pts.
  5. DistrictNurse19

    Triage Nursing in Family Practice

    Hello...I worked as a Family Practice triage nurse for about 13 months, it got boring fast, and sitting in a chair all day drove me crazy, not to mention I gained some weight. Seemed like we always had the same patients calling day after day...the patients who wanted their narcotics and wanted them NOW! The job wasn't for me, but best wishes to you!
  6. DistrictNurse19

    Quitting... physician office and giving notice

    Hopefully all worked out well, not only for you but also the co-workers you were worried about. You have to remember that they have choices to make as well--nobody holding a gun to their head forcing them to work there!
  7. DistrictNurse19

    Do you miss face to face?

    I found myself disliking the amount of hours I just "sat" on the phone, not to mention the weight I gained from lack of exercise during the work day. I left telephone triage after 15 months as I truly missed the "hands on, face-to-face" patient contact. I did telephone triage in a large (teaching) Family Medicine Clinic whereas it seemed the primary callers were the patients needing an "early" refill on their narcotics. I got burned out with that! Hope all is going well for you!
  8. DistrictNurse19

    Does a Contracted Nurse Position Need Malpractice Insurance?

    I agree with fellow posters--I would not dare practice nursing in any setting without my own malpractice insurance. We live in a sue-happy society and I would not want to trust that my employer would look out for my bests interests. Besides, I have heard about cases whereas the employer sued their own nurse...SCARY
  9. DistrictNurse19

    MSN Educator to CNS or NP

    I think you should go for the NP degree as NP's can always teach, but a nurse educator cannot be a NP. Besides, chances are you will earn more salary with NP credentials than with educator credentials. Nurse educators more often focus teaching to other nurses, not patients. Best of luck to you!
  10. DistrictNurse19

    What was your first "paying" job???

    Worked as a hostess/waitress at a local family-owned restaurant. Worked my butt off for $3.35/hr and less when I waitressed. But I learned alot...like some people are never pleased no matter what you do for them...and the importance of counting change back to the customer. We had to calculate the change ($$) to give back to the customer...we were not allowed to "let" the cash register do it for us...now as a school nurse I have very little change in my pocket to count (ha ha!)
  11. DistrictNurse19

    Help!-What can we feed this kid?

    Thanks to all for your "brainstorming"...this child qualifies for free lunch so by law we have to provide the food. The parent has threatened to "sue" the school district so administrators are bending over backward to please her. Our food service manager is just as frustrated as I am, and our primary food vendor's nutritional guidelines do not match those that are recommended/required for free lunch programs (but is more economical). Mom is not much help in giving us ideas, she has many other children and blah, blah, blah...The doctor's note indicates a "rhinitis" reaction (not gastrointestinal and not life-threatening; no epi-pen needed) but again "bending over backward for fear of liability"...
  12. DistrictNurse19

    Help!-What can we feed this kid?

    We have a young child with allergies to milk, soy, and eggs. Have you noticed how most foods have at least one of these ingredients in it? What can we feed this child? Special bread from the health food store is over $5.00 a loaf and a dry ham sandwhich gets old fast! Parents are no help...just threaten to sue us if this child "gets into something" and gets sick. Help! Any suggestions?? The FAAN wasn't so helpful...
  13. DistrictNurse19

    Week before break - how's your office today?

    Norovirus outbreak here in Michigan...the smell of barf is every where! One elementary school has over 100 out with this crud today. Hope Santa washes his hands often when he visits our area!
  14. DistrictNurse19

    Any ideas for disposable ice packs?

    Our local hospital wets a sanitary napkin or panty liner, places it in a plastic bag and freezes it...for women with episiotomy discomfort! How's that for a home-made ice pack?? (LOL)
  15. DistrictNurse19

    Lots of FLEAS!!

    During a head check for lice, I found 6 (big!) fleas in this little girls hair, along with "flea dirt". I captured a couple fleas and had a nearby veterinarian verify that indeed the insects are fleas. No evidence of head lice or nits were found. She was sent home for "live activity" but the vet told me the home must be badly infested for the fleas to be so numerous and comfortable living on a human head. The family cannot afford to treat their pet dogs or to "fumigate" the home to rid the fleas. Any suggestions??
  16. I am an RN (School health) and my mother diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2010. She is not a candidate for whipple procedure, and radiation/chemo has been awful. Several in-patient hospitalizations for dehydration (unrelenting Nausea/vomiting) and weight loss exceeding 40#. She fell and broke her hip and now there is talk of hip replacement surgery. Recent hgb=7.4 before 2 Units blood transfused. What complications do you suspect might occur if she goes ahead with hip surgery? Do you know of any non-surgical interventions that could help? She thinks doctors are next to God and she doesn't seem to understand that she is a poor surgical candidate. Any information/suggestions you could give would be helpful. Thanks!