Pre-operative sedation

  1. Hello,
    I was told about an article (possibly in AORN) about giving pre-op patients 2 mg of Versed as soon as the IV is started to calm their anxieties. This is also before the OR nurse and CRNA talks to them. My boss is interested in this and asked me to find out about it but I am not having any luck. Any help??

    We currently give 2 mg Versed about 10 minutes before the patient goes to OR. I am a little nervous about this. However, I have been reassured by my co-workers that 2 mg of Versed will not incapacitate a patient (I say BS since I had a lady falling out of bed giggling with 1 mg). Anyways, just wondering if there is any suggestions out there. Thanks!!
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  3. by   amberfnp
    Normally we do not give versed until the surgeon, member of OR team and anesthesiologist interviews the patient.

    Sometimes exceptions are made but not often.
  4. by   dk1425
    It is Good Practice to never give Versed or any pain med which may alter patients responses to questions by anesthesiologists and or OR nurse who should be confirming consent i the preoperative area.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I have to agree with the above. I've received Versed prior to my last several procedures, and once they get about half the syringe in I am NOT responsible for what comes out of my mouth!! It's like having the effects of half a case of beer hit you all at once.........I'm worthless once that stuff gets into my system, so I would hope that no one would ever try to explain anything to me or get me to sign something.

    Just my two pennies' worth.
  6. by   Genkitty
    When I went in for surgery about 2 years ago, they pushed the versed after I had done the pre-op talk and paper signing. Didn't make me giggly, which was a little disappointing in the abstract
  7. by   SDS_RN
    We do not give versed until after anesthesia sees the pt and orders it if necessary. We do not do it on a regular basis only if the pt is very very anxious.