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Hi all- I am a new grad (May 04) and have been working at an Eye Surgery Center. Does anyone else out there work in this kind of area. We do retina, glaucoma, trauma, plastics, cataracts. We have 3 CRNA's that perform general... Read More

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    Hello! Im really glad I found this forum!
    Im a pre-nursing student and am interested in becoming an ophthalmic nurse in the US. Ive been researching online and it seems that ophthalmic nurses don't get paid as well as nurses in other specialities. I really hope this isn't true for everyone Ophthalmic nursing sounds so interesting and I would love to be one!
    Can anyone tell me what the pay for a registered nurse in this field is?
    And is it true that doctors prefer to hire ophthalmic technicians rather than RNs? Im sure theres more things a RN can do than technicians... Im really clueless! Would love to get any responses Thank you

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