New Grad, Interview in Family Health Clinic!

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    Hello, New grad RN here with an interview coming up next week at a family health clinic that focuses on low income clients. I am so excited about this opportunity and I am preparing in every manner I can think of to do my best on the interview. I would love any and all input about qualities that make a great RN in this role. Also, I'm pretty sure this clinic employs MA's as well, considering that, what may be my responsibilities as an RN? And last, this interview will incllude 2 MD's among other staff. What do MD's look for specifically in hiring an RN. I am sooo excited, any and all info will be greatly appreciated!

    This is my DREAM JOB, I hope it goes well!

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    Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    ...(im still a student) but good luck to terms of preparing, i would definitely show alot of enthusisam (as evident in your post), explain WHY you are interested in working with this particular population, how you think your communication skills and ability to build rapport with them would be beneficial...use experiences from your clinicals that can reflect your point..not sure what MD's are looking for though..sorry...but you can never go wrong with showing interest, enthusiam, desire to learn...GOOD LUCK!
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    Hi There, Congrats on the job interview. I currently work in a Clinic very similiar to the one that you described. I started as a brand new nurse back in Jan 2010. I really enjoyed working with the population and it is very good experience. I was never really that interested in working on a floor even though I know I will have to at some point to gain that experience. In order to succeed in this role you should talk about how your culturally competent, understand of different populations, be familiar with meds (BP meds, Cholesterol Meds, Coumadin etc), be a very effective communicator, and also also have strong documention skills. My facility does use MA's. They bring the pt's into the room, do VS, obtain urines, assist with PAP's, clean rooms, schedule follow up appts. Nurses do all the MA tasks PLUS do prescription refills, desktop/answering calls, triaging patients on the phone/ walk in, meds (IM. Subc, nebs, PO meds), call pt regarding lab results and much more! My clinic is very busy and that best part about working in Family Medicine is that you will be more than likely working with children as well. It is very valuable to be able to work with pediatrics and adults. If you have any more questions let me know!
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    Thank you so much for your reply! I am preparing now for the interview. I'm glad you mentioned meds!... I've been preparing how to answer " whats your weakness" and " tell me about a time...." and I realize I really ought to pick up the ol pharm book that might have gathered a light layer off dust since its NCLEX study days are through! Really, thank you for all the wonderful info. I would be overjoyed to be able to work in this position and will continuing preparing. I'll let everyone know how it goes!
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    Psych4me, did you have the interview? If you did how did it go and did you get the job.
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    Update: I did get the job! I am the Charge Nurse of a family health clinic. I'm enjoying every minute and learning so much!
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    That is awesome, congrats!!!!
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    Good for you! Congratulations!
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