Is clinic nursing relatively drama free (does everyone get along)

  1. I am smart, capable, and I know my stuff. My biggest weakness is that drama or horizontal violence is something that gets me really stressed out and depressed. So I was interested in this speciality but was wondering about this issue. Which specialty is best to get away from drama.
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  3. by   LynnLRN
    Not possible. Politics everywhere. Clinics tend to be part of larger organizations now so the politics onward down are still there. Plus, people are people anywhere you go. I work in acute care and at a clinic and drama is EVERYWHERE.
  4. by   featherzRN
    Same politics as in a hospital. Sometimes even more so, in my experience. You aren't working separate shifts, twelve hours x 3 - most clinic jobs are 8-5, M-F so you see everyone, every day.
  5. by   RNsRWe
    My facility is an ASC, and while I think we're relatively drama-free, anywhere you work is going to have difficult personalities, drama queens, slouchers or moochers, gossipers, brown-nosers or backstabbers. My facility has precious few of these, thankfully, but there's NO PLACE that's going to be Utopia.

    That's just employment in general.
  6. by   IGiveTheShots
    I don't know. I work in school nursing. My situation is a little bit different because I'm a public health nurse directly affiliated with the county, not the school system. The school system has some drama, but our community is really supportive, even from the top down. We may be an outlier, and I think I really lucked out, but drama-free nursing workplaces exist! I promise!!
  7. by   echoRNC711
    Rather than trying to avoid drama perhaps it to might helpful to figure out ,in the quiet of your own mind ,"what it is about drama that makes you uncomfortable." We can't control other's but we can control how we choose to respond to them. It can be hard to step outside a comfort zone.
    I have worked in many areas and I found that the most challenging areas like CVRU had less drama. I don't think the nurses there were any different it was just too busy contending with pt physical real crisis to have time to create our own. However, even so melt downs did occur here rarely when stress overload occurred
    Ironically of all the places I worked, in my experience ASU, specifically the OR had the greatest drama. People had too much time on their hands between cases so the pot stirring began. The up side of this was in the recovery section of this same unit is where (r,I laughed the most , felt the best teamwork and had the most fun too. Maybe I just got lucky that we all got along
    Good luck in your search .Keep your antennae high at the job interview as often the personality of the manager can be a reflection of the staff. Like attracts like.
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  8. by   snowangel0108
    As long as there are people there will be drama. More so when it is the same people in the same place But, if you work through it and refuse to participate in the gossip mongering it isn't bad.
  9. by   T-Bird78
    I've only worked in office settings, so I've had both. One office could have been a soap opera, complete with tears and doors slamming as people stomped off, but my current location is great. It's a smaller office, only 5 of us, so we get along great. We help each other out. The key is to not overshare if you're hesitant about office drama. I don't friend coworkers on Facebook.