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LuckyDevil2020 has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Women's Health Care.

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  1. LuckyDevil2020

    Job hunt

    I am in Duke's WHNP program and scheduled to graduate in December. I would like to start applying for jobs. My husband and I can move anywhere in the USA. I would love any advice on where to look for openings (I've looked on ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Google jobs), when to apply (is six months out too soon?), things to look out for, the best cities/states to be a WHNP, etc. Ideally I would have a job to start ASAP after graduation. I vacillate between being totally focused on school and being paralyzed with fear about finding a job. It feels almost completely overwhelming. How did you all work through this process? Any and all advice is welcome!
  2. LuckyDevil2020

    WHNP - Fertility Medicine?

    Any update? Did you break in to the specialty?
  3. LuckyDevil2020

    How much of a pay cut is worth the name and experience?

    Based on the OP I would go with #2. I know someone said that no one cares about Magnet, but I have worked in both Magnet and non-Magnet facilities, and I was way happier at the Magnet facility. The nursing culture at that location was just more caring and involved, but I know not everyone wants to be involved (which is okay!). I think overall #2 sounds like the better choice. Good luck and congratulations on having options!
  4. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier WHNP

    I enrolled at FNU currently. I was admitted into the FNP program, but have since transferred to the WHNP program. They are proud of their CNM program, and should be - it's the #1 program in the country. The midwife program is the foundation of the school. During Frontier Bound (the onsite orientation) they inform the WHNP students that they can complete the CNM and WHNP together in almost the same amount of time as they can the WHNP alone. It works out to numerically just one additional class. That might be part of the reason why they graduate more CNM than just WHNPs alone. The class I applied to, along with the one before and after, had their admissions close early -so you have to keep an eye on the dead line. I will say that my class is fairly diverse in ethnicity, age, and background. There were also two men in the class, both in the FNP program. I have 5 years of nursing experience, both hospital and clinic. I have a 3.9 GPA, wrote the essays honestly, and hoped for the best. If you have any other specific questions I'd be happy to answer them best I can.
  5. LuckyDevil2020

    Military spouse overseas

    Hi - I am also a military spouse in Germany (the KMC). I am a WHNP student at Frontier Nursing University. Clinical sites are slim to none here - despite what I was told before I arrived. New command, new rules. I will be going back to the States for my clinical practicum. Do you have good internet where you live? It's an absolute MUST in any program, and it's been my biggest headache since arriving here. Where are you at in Germany? I really love the school, FNU, and I am not sorry about my choice in that regard! You can PM me if you like. Good luck!
  6. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    Next week is seven weeks out from Frontier Bound... we should hear something in the next two weeks according to their schedule. My birthday was last Thursday, so I was hoping for an early notification and a big birthday present! lol No such luck though. I hope everyone had good holidays!
  7. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    I was just thinking this morning that we should know THIS month! Woohoo!
  8. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    Their six-week out from Frontier Bound puts us as hearing from them the last two weeks of January.... somewhere after MLK day. I am hoping that if the other class got their info sooner, then perhaps we will get it a few weeks early, too. Fingers crossed!
  9. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    Have you heard anything?
  10. LuckyDevil2020

    Has anyone applied for Frontier's CNM class 136?

    Yup! I did... https://allnurses.com/student-nurse-practitioner/frontier-nursing-uni-958636.html
  11. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    Maranda_b - That's a tough one! A bigger factor for me would be which position has greater long-term earning potential, and (of course) the happiness factor. Good luck!
  12. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    The last time I talked to the admissions rep at Frontier she told me that they would not make an early decision on class acceptance because the class closed sooner than expected. It would be awesome to know before Christmas if we get in or not! I'd love to know either way!
  13. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing University Class 134 applicants

    I applied for class 136 as well. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into class 134!
  14. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing Uni. Class 136

    Is anyone applying? I applied to the FNP program. I know it will be a long wait, so I thought I would see if anyone will be waiting with me! lol Class 136 has their Frontier Bound in the beginning of March 2015.
  15. LuckyDevil2020

    Frontier Nursing University Class 132

    I am getting my packet ready for the 131 class as well, but after reading some of these posts I am getting pretty nervous about the waiting process!
  16. The last two hospitals I worked for had color coding (in PA and NC respectively). I was there when the switch happened from "where whatever you want" to nurses being burgundy, aides grey, etc. I was hired into the hospital in NC with color coding. There it was nursing: royal blue, respiratory: black (which always made me think of black lung disease), aides: burgundy, med clerks: grey, etc. Personally, I like it. I looked good in both colors (lol) and it made getting ready for work EXTRA simple. But mostly I loved making it easy to narrow down who the last "nurse" was that my patients talked to. Before the color coding it was, "the nurse was just in here and said x,y,z" and it could be a PITA trying to figure out who it was. After the switch it became, "Tell me what color they were wearing? Was it this color that I am wearing or something else?" - anyway, it helped.

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