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I am just curious about what the average pay is for an office or clinic RN? I am currently working on a busy med-surg floor and make a decent wage. I am not happy at my current job and am looking... Read More

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    Moving from a hospital to a clinic was actually an increase in wage for me. In clinics in Wisconsin, I believe it's usually $50,000-54,000 for staff RN, $57,000-60,000 for RN supervisor, $63,000-66,000 for RN manager, and $70,000 for NP. Not sure where you're located, but I hope this helps.

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    California pays $28-40 and up, depending on experience, education, position you are in.
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    I was just hired as a Clinic/Triage RN in the Milwaukee area with starting pay of $28.55. I was quite surprised as it is about $2.50 more/hr than when I was on a hospital floor. They had told me during my HR interview that clinic nurses did not make as much as hospital floor nurses so I was expecting $25/hr. I am now going to be working for a different healthcare system, so maybe that is why it is higher. I'm thrilled!
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    If you work for a company like Kaiser under a union the clinic nurses are paid the same as everybody else. I am at $60/hr.
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    Hi. I was wondering what experiences any of you have had at clinic jobs. I have been in med/surg for over 16 years and looking to get out of the crazy hospital environment. Some days I love it but it's definitely taking its toll on me. Plus I'm back in school for my BSN and I'm thinking this may be a little less stressful. I interviewed for an immediate care clinic position in the same hospital system I work in. The best thing is it would be a lateral move-same pay.

    The only thing that I wasn't sure about was the staffing/work environment. It is much smaller compared to the hospital. Only 1 RN, a tech, Rad tech, secretary and doctor. I've never had any problems getting along with my co-workers, but it's such a smaller group of people compared to the hospital.

    Does anyone have any opinions about this? Would this be a good transition from the high stress at the hospital?
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    Infusion center manager with 5 years experience. $71,000. Monday- Thursday.

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