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I am just curious about what the average pay is for an office or clinic RN? I am currently working on a busy med-surg floor and make a decent wage. I am not happy at my current job and am looking... Read More

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    I work in an oral surgery clinic. I make 36/hr.
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    Nurse for about 10 yrs in mass (exp in psych, health teaching and case management): started at 33 last yr with 3$ diff for floating. Slightly less than I was !making at the affiliated hospital on eves, but no nites weekends or holidays and a set schedule!!
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    I work in a clinic in Columbus, Ohio as an LPN and make $19.50 an hour. 3 years experience. Great hours, good benefits and an incredible mission!
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    Clinic pay is the same for clinic nurses and hospital nurses (our clinic is associated with a hospital). So, when I switched I just lost the night/weekend differential, which is fine with me!
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    In the 50's/hr in northern CA