Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest - page 4

Participate in our February 2013 Caption Contest! Winner gets $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. Caption... Read More

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    Annnnnd he's off.....
    Code Grey, we have a Code Grey.....
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    It won't hurt, they said. It will be fun, they said.......
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    Nurse: Your medicine is called Rocephin; remember how this feels the next time you feel inclined to have unprotected sex!
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    Wait! This is a relay race! Catchy nurse themed batons! Grab it....GRAB it....
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    "Time for the daily cardio"
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    Mommy is next!
  7. 2
    Sir! We have stickers, I promise!
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    Dad you promised to let me practice! I know what I'm doing!
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    When "helicopter kids" grow up
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    Mr. Romeo didn't realize that the shot doesn't necessarily go to the site of the symptoms.

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